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I don't mean your money! :lol2: I mean; how do you spend your time? What interests, hobbies etc are you pursuing? And, do you enjoy being retired?... Read More

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    up date, i recently went to bingo yes bingo! with several of my friends and one thing that surprised me was that bingo has gone electronically! yep no more of the paper or dabbing with the color dabbers. having said that, on the last game it was all or nothing. therefore, i purchase 2 extra electronic cards, well i almost had a heart attack since all i needed for the coverall bingo, and for the longest time was g-45 when it showed up on the monitors, i began to shake then my voice quiver but i manage to yell bingo!!!! i won the jackpot of the night for $5,000 dollars. needless to say, i'm placing this winning in my retirement fund
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    I don't know if retirement is ever in my future- I am thinking of doing telehealth or case managment from home in a rural area of the country.
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    Today is my first day of retirement! Not sure what to do now that I'm all grown up! I do need to work to supplement retirement and insurance' I just want to work part-time or from home. Any suggestions?
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    I am not the best one to ask. I work as an office manager and do nothing related to nursing. My volunteer work is sort of related as I do a grief group but in general I hung up the stethoscope and said Bye.
    Just wanted to welcome you to Allnurses and that wonderful time in your life when your choices are actual choices and not the lesser of two bad spots.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I do have to work but am having trouble with my resume. I have retired as a nurse educator of 21 years. Do you know anyone who has worked for the retail chains such as Wal Mart, CVS pharmacies giving immunizations? Did they like it?
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    Probably the best thing to do would be to ask in the nurses section. Few people would have reason to stop by the retirement area. If you want I will start the thread. i understand you are new. Soon you will be navigating like a pro and starting threads the way you would like.
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