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Hello Everyone, I am new to A very long story short: I graduated RN school in May 2001. I have taken the NCLEX five times and was unsuccessful. I had tried everything I knew to do and still couldn't do it. I... Read More

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    What do you mean with "remediation course in Florida?" It is a kind of Preparation Course to take NCLEX?..I live in Las Vegas and they dont have one..I really need a tutor or somebody to study with me..Thanks ..

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    wow graduating rn school 1997 took nclex 2 failed became overwhelmed and started a family of three children.i love my family and husband but somehow a part of me is still missing my rn liscense to be complete . I love nursing can anyone help!!!!
    i heard others talk about remedial classes whats best im in the state of illinois
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    Each US State has it's own Board of Nursing. Some states stipulate that you have 2-3 years from the time of graduation to pass the NCLEX. If it was not passed on X number of attempts they require remedial work or a refresher course to be completed before they will allow you to sit for the exam again. Each state is different. Here is the link to Illinois requirements:

    225Nurse Practice Act.

    Take advantage of the information provided by the website, there are phone numbers and email addresses listed for questions. I am sure they could recommend a refresher course if it has been a long time since graduating from nursing school.

    Illinois Board of Nursing website is: 225Nurse Practice Act.
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    I have taken the NCLEX 4 time and still havent passed, I just moved to Texas and was wondering if any knew is 4 times the max amount of time that I can test. I graduated in 08 and know that Texas gives you 4 years to test, but how many times can I take it?
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    Dear BDPF,
    Have you taken a remedial class and NCLEX testing class. After 2 yrs I can not see how the info would be fresh enough in your brain to be able to pass. Do you know what part you are lacking?
    To find your answer about number of times go to Board of nursing for Texas.
    I had huge test anxiety but worked with a therapist in college to teach me to overcome it and I did.
    I hope you are able to get help before taking another attempt at the test. Good luck.
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    Quote from msdaschcav
    Hi cpmom
    I was in the same boat with you last year. I graduated in 2001 took the test many times and failed. I gave up, started doing other things but I kept thinking about nursing school and what a waste. I finally decided after much prayer to try again. I did questions at first to see what I remembered (not a lot). I then took Kaplan, another review course and worked with a local tutor. I did questions, after questions. thousands of them wherever I could find them. It cost me a whole lot but I was determined to make it happen. I became more motivated after 4months and I took the exam for the 5th and last time in November of 2009 and PASSED.You can and you will. Stay focused and determined and do whatever you feel you have to do to make it happen. Good luck and God bless.

    I know this post was awhile ago so hopefully you will recieve it. I just recently passed my nclex in March 2011. I graduated in December 2009, and failed 3 times. I took the exam a total of 4 times, and passed on my fourth. It took me a whole year to finally pass the nclex. I worked in a ER as a graduate nurse, but was let go after I failed twice. I actually didnt work the whole time I was studying, except on the side with my mothers business. Now that Ive passed, I ve been applying everywhere in my area (Michigan), but Im having a very difficult time finding a job. Was it hard for you to find a job? I dont know if its because I have a gap on my resume, or if this is normal. I started applyin a week after I passed, a total of 21 positions, and some are responding back with were hiring someone that is more qualified. I just wanted to know if you had the same trouble, and if you were off from nursing from the time you graduated to the time you passed nclex. Hope to hear from ya.
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    Hey Mwrn, Congrats on passing, what an accomplishment!
    I am bummed for you. This economy is hard. Even new grads with extern, pca, cna experience are having a hard time getting a job. So your gap normally wouldn't be too much of a problem but in this economy it is. I am prepping to take a refresher course after 4 years out and no experience so I am right there with you. Wishing you the best!!!
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    A review course is a must. No matter what you get on the final grade in Nursing school, a review course is necessary because you will be able to interact with the others and instructor and will have the answers and rationale behind why, and all the rest. If you know the whys, then the answer will mean more than just the correct answer and will stick in your head. There is no shortcut to Nursing. If your heart is really in it, then you will find a way to do it.
    Anything good is worth the effort.You should be able to do it. If you did it once you can do it again.
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    MwRN, What did you do to finally pass? I have a friend who hasn't passed in 3 attempts. He's tried Kaplan and tutoring. He plans to do more tutoring but I was wondering if there were anything else we could try. Thx!
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    Quote from Kruebelm
    MwRN, What did you do to finally pass? I have a friend who hasn't passed in 3 attempts. He's tried Kaplan and tutoring. He plans to do more tutoring but I was wondering if there were anything else we could try. Thx!

    I actually passed with Kaplans. That was my last resort because I did everything. I did Hurst review, a review online that I found called caring4you review, which wasnt very good, and I also used the nclex 4000 cd by lippincott, I failed each time after studying those reviews. Kaplans, in my opinion was the best review because it taught you critical thinking skill and content. I did everything on that website. What kaplan did he do, the live or onine live? I studied that for about 3 months doing everything twice on that website. I also reviewed meds every night watching tv, the classifications and pertinent side effects. I also studied mneumonics for infection control and for electrolyte imbalances. You can search for them at this website, or I will email all of them to him if he wants me too. THey really came in handy to me during the exam, I actually would right them on my board that they give you during the exam with certain questions. I would like to know what his study plan was for kaplans or what hes been doing to study in general to see if hes doing something wrong. Tell him to hang in there, stay positive and focused, he will pass. Trust me, everyone would tell me that, and I would try to agree with them, but in the back of my mind there was always a question mark. Its awful what some people have to go through, but it only with make him a stronger person and a stronger nurse. He will appreciate his job all that much more. God has a reason for everything. Another good book I used was Linda La charity, priority, delagation, and assignment. I purchased that for more questions after I ran out of kaplans questions. Hope this helps, Let me know if he needs help with anything. I know how hard it feels and what hes going through! Good luck!!

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