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I would like to hear from some research nurses as to what they like about being a research nurse? Do you find clinical trials interesting? Is this area of nursing rewarding to you? Thanks! :)... Read More

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    HEy. I know this is an old thread but would love to get some input. I have 10 years previous research experience. BA Chemistry MPH in Community Healthy. I have been accepted to both an ADN and BSN program. I am torn on which to choose. The ADN is 4 semesters and roughly costs $6k. The BSN is 6 semesters and will roughly be $19k. After doing the math even if I did a RN BSN bridge I'd still come out cheaper. Does the fact that I have prior research experience and degrees come into play when applying for jobs or are ADNs simply not hired. In general, the nursing climate in my area is fairly ADN friendly if that makes a difference.
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    Hi! I am also reading this old thread and found it very helpful. I am a new grad RN with a few months of pediatrics experience; I stopped working because of a family crisis but also felt strongly it wasn't the right fit. I am very interested in research, and loved conducting an independent research study as an undergrad BSN. I am very interested in research nursing, and was just looking for some advice as to how best to get this type of job? Is there anywhere that would hire a new grad, or is it better to spend a few years as a CRC/research assistant, or put in some more time at the bedside first? Thanks so much for any help!
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    I have 2.5 years clinical experience, an MSN, an additional masters degree in epidemiology/biostats, and straight As in both programs, plus experience as a research assistant and associate, and I can't get an interview for a research nursing position to save my life. I'm about to start on the nursing research council at my hospital, and I'm hoping this will get my foot in the door somewhere, preferably at my own hospital! Research is why I went for a direct-entry MSN rather than an ADN, but that masters doesn't seem to mean anything when applying online for jobs. I think it's time for me to pound the pavement with my resume; in the meantime, I have an idea for a study at my own hospital to get started!
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    good infor thanks

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