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    Hi, I am presently taking an Intro to Nursing Research course. I have to write a paper on Is Qualitative research methodolgy better for the advancement of nursing as a profession. Can anyone give me their thoughts, any suggestions on good references for this topic.
    I would appreciate any feedback.

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    I am taking the same course. I will get back to you.
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    I cant say that I think qualitative is better than quantitative. I think they complement each other. Each methodology provides differend kinds of knowledge that are useful in nursing.

    Qualitative research provides an understanding of human experiences, which cannot be objectively measured. We know that there are many things about people that we cannot measure, yet they effect health (mind/body/spirit). Nurses are involved with patients whose life experiences with a particular situation are unknown to us. We've never experienced their circumstance. For example, I've never had breast cancer, but by reading qualitative studies that describe the lived experience as told by breast cancer survivors, we can gain understanding of some of the common fears, hopes, thoughts, and experiences that are common to breast cancer survivors, which I believe enhances quality of care. I use this topic as an example, but there are many more such as, the lived experience of having a child with a chronic illness, or the lived experience of being a victim of domestic violence. It provides nurses insight into these most personal life experiences of others.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Research is a passion of mine.

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    Linda, many thanks for your comment putting this into perspective
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    I much like yourself will be taking a research course this summer. I am in a nursing administration role. Anyone know any good research topics dealing with cost ?
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    Ursala, you can do a cost effectiveness analysis on any intervention. It is not my bag and has always been challenging to me. If you are in administration, why not look at a topic that directly relates to what you do every day? You could look at training new staff or enhancing job satisfaction. I'm sure if you searched pubmed you would find something interesting. Try nurses and burnout. That seems to be a hot topic.
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    i am pursuing a diploma in health visiting i am required to do nursing research. i am confused with formulating a problem statement. please help!
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    I am a nursing student at RGU in aberdeen im on my final essay which i have failed. Its all to do with research and reflection on comforting recently bereaved relatives can anyone help please?
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    hi i am a nursing student at USJR..i just want to ask for some help regarding on my research problem..i really dont have an idea of what topic to choose..can anyone help me formulate a problem statement??...thank you so much in advance!...

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