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  1. New Filipino nursing Recruits coming and I want to assist

    Thanks for the info. Do you still have a number of hte IEN's in your health region?
  2. New Filipino nursing Recruits coming and I want to assist

    Thanks to all for the information. I will attempt to touch base with Saskatchewan. I was hoping to get the perspective of a Filipino nurse that has maybe just arrived in Canada and has some thoughts from that perspective. I appreciate any/all advi...
  3. New Filipino nursing Recruits coming and I want to assist

    :scrying:This is the first big recruitment of nurses that have not nursed in Canada before coming to our facility that I have worked with. All other internationally trained nurses that we have hired and brought into our organization have worked else...
  4. Good afternoon. I am a nurse educator in a hospital in Manitoba. I am expecting 20 - 24 new Filipino nurse recruits anywhere between April and September:yeah: My ultimate goal is to make their transition from the Philippine nursing world to our fa...
  5. Maximum UF limit for hemo patients

    Hi all. Looking for research information and thoughts/comments on everyone's current practice. Do your units have a maximum level at which they will ultrafiltrate a patient? Does anyone know of any literature out there to back this discussion. We ...
  6. Insertion of Temporary Dialysis Catheters

    Hello...I am looking for any research papers, references and all of your thoughts and unit specific approaches to this issue. We are presently reviewing our procedure for the insertion of a temporary IJ or subclavian in a hemo patient with no access...
  7. Maximum QB for central line

    Hi wanting opinions/best practice thoughts. When dialyzing via a central line and the lines must be switched (ie: a/-v/v-a) what is the maximum blood pump speed used in your facilities? I was taught 300 ml/min but now the question arises t...
  8. Hypoglycemia after dialysis

    I too am looking for any information on blood sugar levels and dialysis. I was always under the impression that the "bath" with its set glucose level would equalize the serum sugar level to the bath or close to it. Any infor/links on this would be ...
  9. Application of Lidocaine cream before dialysis

    Hi, wanted to know what the final outcome was...I am reading this long after the original posting. I am a hemo nurse and the emla is a lifesaver for the patient. We can always use a local lidocaine needle but the rationale is why poke twice - poor ...
  10. Cannulations and Life-Sites

    Hi, the unit where I work we needle bevel up and switch to bevel down once treatment is established.
  11. New Fistula Puncture Protocol

    Hi again, am relying on everyone out there to help me answer alot of questions today. This one is about puncturing a new fistula after maturation. Do you have a protocol in place, what is it. Do you needle arterial or venous first and what is the...
  12. Chart Audits

    Hi, we are presently trying to establish a good comprehensive chart audit for use in our hemo unit. Does anyone use one? If so, what format, information etc. do you have on it? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. calcium citrate

    I would be interested in what you find out. I am from a Canadian unit and we are having anticoagulation troubles with our caths and we have alot of them. Have been doing some lit searching on the sodium citrate as well but have not been able to tra...
  14. Sodium Profiling

    Thanks for the input. This is how we have been using the linear profile at present and personally do not feel that we have a problem however, others do. Our doc is also of the opinion that we need the 150 Na level but I just wanted others feedback ...
  15. Sodium Profiling

    Thanks for all of your responses. I appreciate the input.