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:cool: Hi all! This is my first post...just registered today! I found this BB to be very good for nurses to communicate! I was wondering tho, are there any clinical research nurses out there? None of the posts under... Read More

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    I was hired straight from beside nursing to a position as a clinical research monitor and later a coordinator at a clinical research organization (CRO) at the university in our town. The title clinical research associate (CRA) at this CRO was a monitor. I was given 7-8 hospitals throughout the U.S. & Canada and was responsible in how they conducted the studies at their sites. A coordinator oversees the monitors and ensures that the medical events are taken care of and other, mainly, administrative events. The clinical research associate (CRA) that works directly for a pharmaceutical company, travels to all the sites that are in studies that she is assigned to. She reports to the CRA or study coordinator about their sites, helps completes case report forms (CRF) and inspects the individual sites to see if they are conforming to the study(s).
    This was how it was set up in the department I worked in. I'm sure it is set up differently in other places.
    I also worked as a study coordinator in a doctor's office. I interviewed potential subject, completed CRFs, lab draws, and other tests required for the study(s).
    I hope I didn't confuse you.

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    Thank you BoomerRN, any tips on how to get into the CRA field. I've sent my resume out to pharma recruiters and they all come back saying I need 3 years experience in the research field. I am ready to get out of bedside nursing and know that this type of position will be better in leveraging my nursing knowledge. Thanks for your response in advance! And No, you didn't confuse me. Thanks again.
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    I am happy to be her in forum.
    Could any CRA/CRC tell me more about Clinical Research Nurse work in NY and NJ, I am RN from Israel
    2005 to present- Clinical Research Nurse, Governmental Mental Community Clinic, Israel and The Center for Interdisciplinary Research of Emotions,University of Haifa.
    2009 to present –Coordinator@RN of Janssen-Cilag ,Israel..
    NCLEX passed in 2008;
    RN incense in NY Boars of Nursing;
    Master of Arts in Nursing (2003)

    IELTS passed in 2007

    I am a Green Card winner 2010, how could I start my carrer? Thanks a lot.
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    I came across this thread so i thought i would ask. Im new to college to be a RN. Im not sure what field I would like to go into. I love children and I wanted something more towards clinical. What exactly do clinical research nurses do anyone? Whats salary like? Thanks everyone!
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    All you research nurses on here, how much money do you (or total income divided by each coordinator) bring in to your research site? How big or small is your site? What is your infrastructure like?
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    I am a Clinical Research Coordinator, RN, research specialty is Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy. I thought research was interesting in school, but never imagined myself doing this kind of work. I am really glad I took a chance and interviewed for this kind of work. I love the autonomy being a research nurse affords me...Everyday is a new adventure!
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    Hello. I do not know how old your post is but I am an OR nurse considering an offer of employment in the clinical nursing field and wanted to communicate with someone about this area of nursing. Are you still out there? I would love to talk with you.

    Thanks Deborah RN
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    i am a coordinator in a private office, we run about 20 or so onclolgy trials
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    I am a newbie research nurse; I am employed by a Hemophilia Treatment Center within a university, and we have several ongoing studies as well as a CDC registry to maintain. So far so good! I too love the autonomy! Plus, working in a university setting affords many benefits compared to a hospital. Lots of holidays, vacation time, no weekends, etc...Oh, and I will have the opportunity to travel! How cool is that?!?
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    Hello everyone,

    I very recently applied to a research nurse position, hoping to find my niche in nursing and having to leave the bedside due to an ankle injury. I have put so much thought into making this change as I've only had the 1 nursing job, straight out of college and am a little hesitant to change.

    My biggest concern is am I going to like this job? (if I get it) and what exactly is a typical work day like. I'm basically introverted, friendly, like to have a typically predictable day, and work at my own pace, work well alone or in a group. I am good with computers, very detail oriented, and I don't mind paperwork and organizing. If anyone out there has any input or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

    I've been working 12-hr/3-day work weeks for a while now and that's pretty much the biggest perk that's kept me at the chaotic bedside nursing job I have and I've had to really push myself into considering the mon-fri world. But if I don't have to have anxiety of going to work the night before (like I always do now, hoping my day won't be horrible) I wouldn't mind getting up every day to go to work.

    I'm basically trying to see if being a research nurse may be a good fit for me, before I jump in! If anyone out there has any input or advice I would greatly appreciate it.


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