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ResearchNurseRNCCRC has 27 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Nursing Education, Research, ENT, Oncology.

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  1. I just passed my NCLEX and I am confused about what to do. I have a job offer at a hospice that I would love to take, but my long-term goal is to teach. I have applied to many residencies, but haven't received a response yet. As I am much older than most new grads, I am wondering if I should skip the hospice job for now and wait for a residency position that starts in June/July. The only information I have been able to find on MSN programs is that they require at least 2 years of RN experience. They have not specified if the experience needs to be in a hospital setting. I do have 5 years of direct patient care experience as an EMT/Paramedic so there are many things I know about patient care, just not from an RN perspective. I worked on ambulance and not in the ER so I have no hospital setting experience. Any info will be greatly appreciated. 

  2. Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

  3. Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    No, I don't teach live at all. I don't lecture at all. I do create courses, but I didn't in the beginning. Most courses are already built and then you change due dates and sometimes assignments if you feel inclined. I facilitate many discussion b...
  4. Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    Honestly, you just need to apply. With that said, you should have at least one tier higher degree (or equal, not lesser) than what you are teaching. I teach in undergrad programs, but I do teach a few grad level core courses with my MSN. Being an R...
  5. Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    Sure, I'm happy to chat :)
  6. Full Time Online Instructor Schedule

    I teach online full time. I usually have two courses during the Summer (they run just 8 weeks) and then I carry 3-4 online classes during each semester which is 16 weeks. Each class varies in enrollment but 25 in each is pretty typical. I also part...
  7. Help getting into research nursing...

    You don't need research experience to be a research nurse. You need skills such as being detail oriented, good with patients, able to draw blood, and want to advance medicine. The rest of the job can be learned! You just have to find the right pos...
  8. MSN in research or NP? What would you choose?

    Go with NP. Then you can be a principal investigator on a clinical research trial!
  9. Wanting to get away from the bedside

    There are a variety of terms that research enterprises use for nurses: research nurses, research nurse coordinators, research coordinator, clinical trial coordinator, etc. Go to LinkedIn for some help in finding research positions. They show up on m...
  10. Clinical trial patients how do you handle billing and coding

    Dealing with bills is one of the worst parts of a research nurse coordinator role. Having patients registered in portals that both hospital billing and research billing have access to (such as Velos) can help intercept some of the charges. I have lea...
  11. The Sad Truth: Online Nursing Schools vs Traditional Schools

    I graduated from an online university and obtained my MSN in 2011. In 2014, I was offered my first online teaching position. I now teach for an university that is both "brick and mortar" and online. I teach online research courses as an adjunct. ...
  12. I feel like a complete failure

    Don't give up! Literally apply everywhere possible. Get on LinkedIN and start networking your way into a job.
  13. GMO Research...

    You could do a literature search and find a plethora of articles on GMO's both pro and con. As for me, I avoid GMO's. I am not currently working on any trials regarding GMO's but I would be most interested in reading about new or current research r...
  14. Looking to get into research nursing

    You definitely need to stick it out where you are at and get that one year of nursing under your belt. There are clinical research programs (master's degree) where you can start now and learn all about research. You can also go to: Association of C...
  15. Questioning My Boss's Practices

    It sounds like you should walk, not run, away from this position. Your boss is likely being pressured to meet recruitment numbers and drawing you into it. You should feel good about what you do. If you are giving your all, and it's not enough, it's t...