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Hello fellow nursing colleagues! I thought I'd discuss some nursing issues that frankly, I find quite disturbing. Some of what I'm about to say may be inflammatory, but do not think for a second that I'm singling anyone out... Read More

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    Look at what an audiologist, physical therapist, optometrist, lawyer, etc. does. These jobs have a very limited scope and skill set. Do you really think it takes a doctoral degree to do these jobs? Answer, NO! People did them just as well, if not better, when these positions were at the bachelor's degree level. But everyone wants to be a doctor of something!
    I have to disagree with you regarding your comments on optometry. I'm an optometrist and the scope of my profession goes far beyond merely examining eyes for glasses these days. We perform plenty of medical procedures and even some surgical ones. In addition, most of us prescribe medications these days. The scope of practice and the "skill set" is not terribly limited, and it is growing all the time. I actually know an ophthalmologist who feels that in the future, optometrists will do anything opthalmologists do today except for advanced surgical procedures. It's definitely a doctoral degree field!

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