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I'm in an associate degree RN program. I have a previous BA in Psychology and just finished up my last two classes online to also get my BS in Business Administration. I have worked for over a year as a PCA at a local hospital... Read More

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the definition of a professional mean an expert on a certain area? For example a doctor is a professional because they specialize. A nurse that specializes in something is a professional (I.e. family practice, midwife etc.) So therefore a bsn and adn are not "professional"? Don't attack me...I'm a BSN so its ok if i say it. I'm just stating what I THOUGHT was the definition of a professional.

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    Quote from foreverLaur
    Just because I don't want to get my BSN or that others have said it is a wate of time doesn't mean that I won't get it. I will definitely get my BSN as quickly as possible. I plan to become a nurse practitioner, so I will be continuing my education and a BSN is the next required step unless I attend a program that doesn't require a BSN since I have an ADN and a non-nursing bachelors degree.

    Also, not an easy solution. What if the only hospitals in your location are magnet hospitals? What if you don't have the luxury to pick up and move because of family situations? It's not as easy as just knocking on the door of that conveniently located non-Magnet hospital down the road. Every single hospital in my area is either Magnet or working very hard to become Magnet and only interested in BSN prepared nurses.

    Why do hospitals need a fancy title or designation to promote leadership and education? They can't do it all on their own? More education doesn't make a nurse a better nurse. It can, but it doesn't always. A BSN also isn't required to be a good leader. Experience and other education can make a nurse a great leader. Sure a BSN can certainly help, but you can educate yourself until you are blue in the face and have ever degree under the sun and still be a poor nurse and a poor leader. You can't always teach someone how to take that education and apply it in the real world.
    Laziness! BSN is an easy way to thin the herd.
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    This is the bottom-line truth on Magnet Status:

    Magnet status has become a private joke in the nursing profession. When the evaluators come, hospitals are well aware in advance and make sure that only nurses who fit a certain profile are scheduled during that time. More of these nurses are staffed and patient loads are reduced. The hospital pays the accrediting division of the ANA (ANCC) thousands of dollars and when the check clears, Magnet Recognition is granted. The hospital then qualifies for large government stipends for acquiring and maintaining Magnet Status. After the evaluations are complete, the hospital goes back to it's previous staffing levels and patient loads.

    Many nurses have been quoted as saying this is nothing more than a money making scheme for the ANA. While some hospitals may truly aspire to provide superior patient care, there are many that should have their fake seal of approval taken away from them. I tell patients that hospitals need to be judged on their own individual merits and not on the magnet recognition flags they fly outside their doors.

    As as far as the BSN goes, it's just another part of this phony degree inflation going on today which is merely scheme to suck more money from the pockets of students and professionals and line the pockets of people and organizations who are in any remote way affiliated with four year institutions. I've spoken to physical therapists here in Phila., PA who told me that changing the requirements from an entry-level master's degree to a D.PT program only served to put PTs into more debt upon graduation and did nothing to enhance the practice of physical therapy. Even professional degree programs have been so watered-down that they have much less value than they did some 40 years ago. And why? Because schools like to promote a large percentage of graduates as a marketing tool and a way to qualify for more funding.

    Any nurse with an ounce of sense will tell you that the BSN is very long on the BS part and short on the N part. And to keep the dollars flowing, once they can convince nurses to run back for BSNs, they'll then say nurses need a master's to elevate the profession. The thing nurse employers love to hear is that you're thousands of dollars in debt. They know these nurses are less likely to speak up about unsafe patient loads and the other unethical things that go on in hospitals.

    You're right. BSN is an easy way to thin the herd. It gives employers an indication of who are the most gullible and easy to manipulate. As for me; I'd rather spend the money investing in a business rather than helping to line the pockets of nurse academic elitists so they can keep their cushy, never-having-to-produce-results positions. Also, as a result of declining reimbursements to providers due to the Affordable Care Act, many hospitals will be downsizing and consolidating. A nurse can spend thousands of dollars getting that BSN and find they may no longer have a job. If a hospital claims they are laying nurses off due to economic reasons, they no longer have to honor tuition reimbursement contracts.

    Anyone who will tell you that the BSN and Magnet Status push is not money-driven is either lying, stupid or both.
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    Has anyone done a study about turnover in Magnet hospitals? Any other measurements studied? What's stupid is bad-mouthing the Magnet concept without data.
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    It is a fact that hospitals receive federal money for attaining "Magnet Recognition." It is a fact that hospitals put on a dog and pony show when the evaluators are there. It is a fact that hospitals must fork over thousands of dollars to the ANCC for that seal of approval. “Nothing more than a money making scheme for the ANA, hospitals pay the ANA thousands of dollars for a fake seal of approval.” (Jan.16, 2009, Nursingjobs.org.). The testimonials that Magnet Status is a scheme meant to manipulate the uninformed general public into feeling better about one hospital versus another came from every nurse I had spoken to who had worked or is working at a "magnet hospital".

    These are the things they don't want the general public to know. But I'm going to make sure they know.
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    Your reply is not evidence. I FEEL that lower turn-over rates translate into a positive. I FEEL that Magnet hospitals might have lower turnover rates. In fact, a researcher could make that the null hypothesis. The only thing I KNOW is that I would prefer to work in a hospital with lower staff turnover. We need a lot more research on the subject- not opinion.
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    Quote from nurseywifeymommy1
    Why would a nurse with a BSN want to be a floor nurse?? Too many chiefs not enough Indians
    I have my BSN and wouldn't want to be nursing management for all of the tea in China. I'll be at the bedside until I finish grad school. Currently, I still have to start grad school, so I'll be here a while.
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    You keep saying you FEEL. The fact that every nurse I had spoken to said that magnet status did not do anything to improve working conditions for nurses is all the evidence I need. I don't need a million dollar funded research to tell me the sky is blue on a clear day. However, I'm starting to believe that many of those working in academia do.

    Once again: Fact: Hospitals pay a large fee to the ANCC for magnet recognition.
    Fact: They get more than that back in government stipends which is why they
    don't mind paying the fee for their seal of approval.
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    Casual conversation is not evidence. A study won't take a million dollars. It would cost the price of software - the data is already in place.
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    Why do they make nurses do posters and other arts and crafts projects for Magnet? I was on one of the committees for recertification, and I couldn't believe the crazy projects they wanted. We are adult professionals, not kindergarteners. I can't imagine physicians being asked to do something similar.

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