What colleges offer RN - BSN for graduates of ITT Tech?

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    :heartbeat What schools offer RN -BSN for graduates of ITT Tech? I'm looking at going to ITT Tech for their associate degree program. However, I want to work for a year and then return to school for my BSN.:heartbeat

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    You might be wise to contact a few of the schools you're considering for the BSN before you commit to ITT Tech or any other school. Generally, one must be a graduate of a program accredited by the NLNAC in order to get into an RN to BSN program.
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    @ Moogie, Thanks. I will make some phone calls monday.
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    i know that indiana weslian will offer RN to BSN
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    Check with the schools first! Indiana Weslyan will accept SOME courses from those programs. You will have to re-take a nice amount of classes.
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    Do not waste your money and energy on a for-profit school. They are dangerously expensive and often not recognized by traditional colleges (i.e. private and public non-profit schools) and, increasingly, employers.

    Have you looked at community colleges or universities in your area? That is the route to go.
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    You'd be able to get into most any RN-BSN program however, you'd be treated as a diploma graduate. Basically you would get credit for the first 2 years of nursing courses and nothing else. You would have to take Freshman English 1&2, Stats, A&P 1&2, Chem 1&2, Psych, Stats, on top of all the other GEC courses, then the nursing courses. It would take you at least 2 years to complete what is normally a 1 year program. As other posters have said you are better off looking at a local community college.
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    Definetly check out universities in your area (and any other states that consider you in-state). I was surprised that most unversities in my area offer RN-BSN. One was even 100% online (yes a state university!). I researched each one to find the one with the least amount of gen ed courses, the most affordable tuituon, and spoke with a transfer advisor about other classes I need for the program so I can work on them while I am doing my ADN at a community college.
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    Hi, I went to one of those "for profit" colleges to get my ASN and I will be attending Western Governors University for their RN to BSN program. I have just enrolled and am waiting for them to get my transcripts to let me know how many credits will transfer but from talking to an admissions rep quite a few will, plus they only charge a little less then $4k a semester and if you bust butt you "can" get your BSN in one year (1.5 yrs is the norm) and its all online. Their BSN program is CCNE accredited as well..the school I just graduated from just recently got candidacy for NLN but is not fully accredited. Worth a look and cheaper then other online programs.


    Good Luck in which ever school you chose.
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    I go to ITT Tech for my ADN. We can go to Kaplan and Phoenix for our BSN. ITT Tech is great!

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