Waste of time!!!!!!

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    I graduated from the Chicago Public Schools Practical Nursing program a year ago. I failed my exit exam by like 3 points so I can't go on to take boards for my LPN. I'm constantly trying to get in contact with them so that I can move on and take boards but every time they're giving me the run around. My plan was to take boards and then do a bridge program. I really want to be a nurse!!!! I work as a CNA at a hospital and seeing what the nurses do I KNOW I got what it takes!!!. but this program is stopping that. Should I just say forget it and go for the RN?

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    I would say go for it girl, if they can't get back with you. Good Luck
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    Just go for it! My RN degree was only 4 months longer than LPN (not including pre req) and it'll fly by!
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    Quote from pedsRN28
    Just go for it! My RN degree was only 4 months longer than LPN (not including pre req) and it'll fly by!
    really? Was it for ADN or BSN? I just want to go for ADN...I really want to work in the ER
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    It was for ASN.
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    The ER is possible! You may have to go to a diff department just to get in the door but then you can transfer toER
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    So, there's no way to go back and re-take that last semester and graduate from your program? Bummer.

    But, LPNs are very rarely hired in Emergency Departments due to the limitations of LPN scope of practice.
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    Yeah. I'm going up to Northwestern/eastern (i get it mixed up lol) to talk to admissions. Their nursing program starts in May. I'm gonna put my all into this so I won't have to worry about retaking anything #Determined
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    Northeastern University is in .... Boston. Lotsa snow here, but hey, come on down. Excellent nursing program.
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    Im sorry its Northwestern in chicago. I get them mixed up lol.
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