Sigma Theta Tau: worth the money?

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    I'm an RN going back to school to get my BSN, and I was nominated to be inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. I was flattered until I went to sign up, and realized that they want me to pay them $220 ($330 if I attend the induction ceremony). Really? Do all honor societies do this? Will any future employers really care if I was a member of Sigma Theta Tau? Are there any actual benefits to being a member of this organization (and please be real). I am on a really tight budget and work OT to pay my bills. I really don't have hundreds of dollars to drop on something that would be just a line on my resume.


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    I was a member for 2 years while I was in school. STT looks good on a resume, as it is widely known. You might also make some connections. It depends. Personally, I felt it wasn't worth the money, so I opted out.
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    There is no way I would pay 330 to attend a ceremony. I think my membership cost about 120. Furthermore, membership in STT will not be the deciding factor in you securing employment for sure. It looks impressive to some. Necessary? No.
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    I'm just wondering how many connections I'll make given that it's an online program and I'm never on campus, and given I work 2 jobs and try to find time to take care of my kids, that leaves out volunteering/participating in events much at this point in my life. Is there a monthly or yearly maintenance fee? I do pay membership in other organizations such as AACN, because I like the magazines/journals that they send with information pertinent to my job.
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    I paid $100 when I was invited to join, and have never paid again. It's listed on my resume but I don't get the newsletter, invites to functions, etc.. Once you're inducted they can't take it away from you, but you're not entitled to the "privileges" of membership if you don't pay.
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    You said it yourself, a line on your resume. A better use for your money is ACLS certification or your next year's premium for malpractice insurance. But consider that you won't get the opportunity again.
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    I agree that the price of membership is probably not the best use of your money now -- particularly not the price of the yearly renewal.

    But the option that BCgradnurse suggested of paying the fee once to put the line on your resume is worth considering. Some day, you may be in a situation where you would want to re-activate your membership, go to local chapter meetings, apply for a small grant or scholarship, etc. The fee might be worth it to keep those options open for the future -- just the minimum induction fee, not the added one for the ceremony.

    If you are ever asked why you did not maintain your membership after you were inducted, I would tell the truth. Just say you could not afford the yearly fee to maintain it, but were honored by the invitation to join.
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    I was nominated, but I didn't want to pay the fee. I still listed "Sigma Theta Tau nominee" on my resume. I certainly haven't missed out on any perks of membership.
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    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    I was nominated, but I didn't want to pay the fee. I still listed "Sigma Theta Tau nominee" on my resume. I certainly haven't missed out on any perks of membership.
    And as long as you keep it listed as "nominee", IMO you are telling the truth.
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    what a scam

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