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How much is the average salary of an RN with their BSN? How much is the average salary of an RN with their MSN? I live in Tahlequah, OK. I pretty much have a job offer already where I work at as a CNA. I'm working on... Read More

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    I'm an RN (BSN) at a hospital in Madison, Wi. Starting pay is $31.77/hr, I make $37.08/hr after 6 years. Shift differentials are $3/hr for working nights and $3/hr for working weekends. I started at about $27/hr 6 years ago. It does vary a lot depending on where you work (city, state, and clinic, hospital, nursing home, etc) so I would check one of those nursing salary sites. Payscale is a good one:

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    Quote from sauconyrunner
    Ooooh and I should add, almost all Masters programs require you to have a bachelors degree. (your BSN). Some do not, because they grant you a BSN on your way to the MSN.
    There are a number of RN to MSN programs that do not require a bachelors degree and no BSN is earned along the way. One can go from ADN to MSN and skip BSN altogether. Usually there are bridge credits one must take, but not in all programs.
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    I am new grad with my associates and working on my BS. I just got hired in Long Island, NY as a tele nurse for 72k/year.

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