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How much is the average salary of an RN with their BSN? How much is the average salary of an RN with their MSN? I live in Tahlequah, OK. I pretty much have a job offer already where I work... Read More

  1. by   puroticorico
    New nurses in Chicago have a base hourly salary of $27, not including night or weekend differentials.
  2. by   MedChica
    I live in S.Texas and I earn $20/hr at one job. $18-25 at another (depending on facility. though I usually pull 18.5 because I take the easier cases and I don't have enough time under my belt to work the hospital. it's agency.).
    Some 'management track' LVNs in my LTC earn $27/hr.

    I'm a Texan. An LVN. A 'baby' LVN, at that...AND I work LTC (psych).

    There are many LVNs in my former nursing school class earning less than I (1 dollar less). There are a small few who earn more (1-3 dollars more. they work agency, though).
    Some RNs in this country earn less. I know the baby RN in my facility took a pay cut to work in neuro ICU. Not that I blame her. In the end, it will pay off. Just not now.
    I have a BSN nurse in my family who earns as much as some APNs (msn's). She's in her 70's and been at it for decades, though. I think psych and ICU are her main specialties. She has varied experience, though.

    MSNs? Same thing from what I can tell. Depends on specialty, location, skill-level and years of experience.

    Are you an LVN...or GVN? Are you about to be?
    If not, well, you actually don't have a position. You don't even have a slot in nursing school.
    You shouldn't can't count on a job that you won't be able to fill for 2-4 years. They're not likely going to 'hold' any spot open for you, either.
    What you've really been promised is seniority and 'first dibs' (when you graduate from NS and pass NCLEX) on a spot (in the future whenever one pops open). You could graduate w/zero positions available to you...'but as soon as one opens, we'll call'.
    Some of these employers are not above using people like that or making 'management decisions' that screw people over royally.
    That's the negative to slaving away for a GN/GVN position. The fact that it may all amount to nothing in the end...because you put all of your eggs in one basket.
    Some are willing to take that chance, though. Myself included. It's worth the gamble. I'd like to think that most employers are decent and ethical. My place of employment did right by me.
    I'm just putting it out there...because it happens.
    When you do get close to graduating and getting your GN permit, make sure that you take up semi-permanent residency right smack dab in the middle of their eyeballs. 'Hey, yeah - remember me? The fabulous GN whose been bustin' tail for you, for 1-2 years? Well - it's about that time. So, about that new grad position...."
  3. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from deatherk
    How much is the average salary of an RN with their BSN?
    How much is the average salary of an RN with their MSN?

    I live in Tahlequah, OK.

    I pretty much have a job offer already where I work at as a CNA. I'm working on getting my pre-reqs( at Northeastern State University), Trasnferring to Nursing School to get my RN, then transfering back to NSU to get either my BSN or MSN.

    The same as an RN with an associates degree in every hospital I have ever worked in.
  4. by   sallyrnrrt
    diploma RN! 72g LTC
  5. by   bamaguy1989
    I'm a new grad RN(associate's degree) and I will start out at $21/hour plus another $3/hour working nights
  6. by   mariebailey
    It varies drastically by geographic area, and I mean drastically. You may want to go to a state-specific forum.
  7. by   RNdoglover
    I am starting a new grad position in the San Diego, Ca area at a local hospital - I have a BSN and am starting out at 36.00$ hr + an additional 4.00$ shift diff for nights..
  8. by   duchesstwin
    I'm an RN (BSN) at a hospital in Madison, Wi. Starting pay is $31.77/hr, I make $37.08/hr after 6 years. Shift differentials are $3/hr for working nights and $3/hr for working weekends. I started at about $27/hr 6 years ago. It does vary a lot depending on where you work (city, state, and clinic, hospital, nursing home, etc) so I would check one of those nursing salary sites. Payscale is a good one:
  9. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from sauconyrunner
    Ooooh and I should add, almost all Masters programs require you to have a bachelors degree. (your BSN). Some do not, because they grant you a BSN on your way to the MSN.
    There are a number of RN to MSN programs that do not require a bachelors degree and no BSN is earned along the way. One can go from ADN to MSN and skip BSN altogether. Usually there are bridge credits one must take, but not in all programs.
  10. by   emdc
    I am new grad with my associates and working on my BS. I just got hired in Long Island, NY as a tele nurse for 72k/year.