Poll for RN's: Do you have an ADN or BSN? - page 6

note: this thread is not intended for a discussion concerning the pros and cons of the 2 year degree vs. the 4 year degree. this has been/is being discussed at length in several other threads (and... Read More

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    Have BSN...considering MSN (when my yongest starts school! lol)

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    I have my Associates of Science in Nursing. Working on RN to BSN.
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    Have a BSN. Started out with my BA, and then on to an ABSN. This fall its on to my NP!:smackingf
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    ADN currently. Starting classes in 3 days for my RN to BSN eeek
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    ADN here. Started my nursing career later in life and didn't want to go the 4yr route both for time and financial reasons. A nurse is a nurse whether 2 or 4 yr. We have the same heart and intentions. :spin:
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    I applaud anyone going further to BSN or MSN. Just isn't for me but that is a personal choice. Good luck to all who go further! And good luck to all nurses in their chosen fields.

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