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I have my RN and I am looking to get my BSN but I am completely overwhelmed at how to pick an online BSN program... Here's the things I am looking for: ~Reasonable tuition (I have found... Read More

  1. by   Inori
    Ok my school advises that if we pick online RN-BSN programs to choose ones that have a campus based program onsite as well. It gives the program credibility. and to avoid online for profit based schools. Which ones? I'm lazy so i go with the big names either city or state schools or name brand. those are guaranteed to be accredited and such.

    I'd say stay with your state school otherwise you'll be paying out of state tuition which is double. Ex: SUNY state university of NY. Has RN-BSN online in Adelhi, Empire State, and Stonybrook Tuition for instate is $5.5k a semester so out of state would be $10k a semester. others like NYU, molloy, Long island university etc private and more expensive.
  2. by   smiles04
    I think it is near to impossible to get done in 6 mths. However, you probably will have to take max class load. She probably met all prereqs so she just did the last nursing courses to get thru it.
  3. by   smiles04
    I advise anyone just coming out of a nursing program and wanting to go on to a BSN, MSN, etc to get some work in first. all my instructors told me get a good year of med surg in first ugg did not want to do that, wanted to go into a specialty first. How luck would have it a med surg job on days was what I had to take due to the single mommy issues. I would recommend it to everyone. I know so much about all areas of nursing after working a very tough and busy med surg floor full of every possible thing you can imagine and confidence in all your skills. Of course no reason you can't do the school and work in one, but get the experience.

    These nurses coming out working straight into nursing homes and clinicals in nursing homes. OMG they really are not prepared clinically and have not alot of confidence in making choices and management decisions. I am not saying all are in this situatuation, but I have seen many. If you are certificate or LVN get out get in a good clinical job even if it's scary and just do it. You will be so glad you did. Work on your BSN online while you work. Get the BSN there will be no room for certificate RNs very soon which is sad but true.
  4. by   GitanoRN
    truly enlightening posters regarding this subject.
  5. by   travelovingnurse
    I AGREE! It really is overwhelming! Any new advice? Is WGU very tough?