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Hi All, I am yet another unemployed new grad in Georgia. :scrying: I had my third interview this morning. The other two didn't result in job offers. This position was an Emergency Room RN position in a small yet growing... Read More

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    Quote from Tarabara
    I graduated Dec 2011 and am lucky to have a job but I haven't forgotten the torture I went through before getting here! The thing that makes me so mad is that these places know what the situation is like for new grads but still have no respect for our time or feelings. That's just wrong to waste your time and get your hopes up by calling you for an interview when your resume clearly shows you're a new grad to then say she wants someone with experience. I was promised an interview at a hospital for nicu which I dearly wanted. Then I was called and told they wouldn't interview me because I didn't do my preceptorship in nicu and they only wanted someone absolutely set on nicu. I explained to them that not a single hospital in my area excepted any nicu preceptees but I did mine in labor and delivery and because I took the initiative tO talk to them they allowed me to spend time in the nicu. I also volunteered in nicu and they still wouldn't let me interview for nicu because I didn't precept or have an externship in it. But then they said they also wouldn't. Interview me for med surg where I did do an externship because I was clearly interested in nicu and not med surg! And this was after a few steps into the process like letters of rec. I cannot tell you how angry I was!

    How terrible that they would not interview you for Med Surg for that reason! Are they that out of touch that they think the other new grads applying for Med Surg have a passion for it? No, most do Med Surg to gain the experience and move on. Terrible. Im glad it worked out for you in the end. Congrats on getting through that difficult time : )

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    Quote from mariebailey
    Congrats!!! Will you tell us what you'll be doing???
    I surely will. I am a RN on a 22 bed Med Surg floor in Rome, Georgia! They were looking for BSN prepared RN and I was the last interview for this position. Interviewed on Monday and had an offer on Thursday. I feel like a million bucks because I was so down about the lousy interview I had last Friday I went to a local temp agency and applied for administrative and secretarial jobs.
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    Try applying in LTC...might be easier to start there.

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