Dipoma Nurse and Proud!

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    I am a graduate of a hospital school of nursing. It was the best. This is not to say that we did not take college courses because we were required to take courses at Northwestern and other area colleges. Then we had clinical rotations throughout the hospital, actually working in ALL the areas of nursing, I have even found muyself in the position of teaching BSN grads the things they never learned, some very basic nursing skills. My training was excellent and well rounded and has carried me for the past 30 years!! I am still able to work in the emergency room with the younger nurses, both in age and experience.
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    I hear ya. We couldn't graduate without handling a minimum of 4 pts, yet I've heard of BSN programs that require only 2. Thumbs up for the hands-on approach!
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    Congratulations on graduating and becoming a nurse. Don't let ANYONE tell you that your education was inferior, and that you shouldn't be a nurse.
    I am a graduate of an ADN program, but I work with lots of diploma nurses and BSN nurses. As far as I can see, we are pretty much equal. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses.
    Some might disagree with me, but I know lots of Diploma RN's who are great at what they do.
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    Hi grannynurse,

    Out of all of the nurses I have worked side by side with, my absolute favorites to work with are the diploma nurses and the LPN/LVNs. The reason being is simply the experience you gained in the hands-on, clinical setting. You can't get that kind of training in a classroom.

    I have only come across a handful of BSNs who demonstrate clinical excellence. That's just my personal experience, but...

    I would entrust the diploma, LPN or the ADN to be at my or my family member's bedside.

    Thank you for being you
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    Quote from anonymurse
    I hear ya. We couldn't graduate without handling a minimum of 4 pts, yet I've heard of BSN programs that require only 2. Thumbs up for the hands-on approach!
    I'M also a Diploma Nurse and extremely proud.
    We all take the same exam. It is about patient care, not sitting a classroom.
    I'm also a Oncology Certified Nurse (15 years) and a R.N. x's 34 years !!
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    Another proud Diploma grad here!!!
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    I'm a diploma grad, but went back to get my BSN. Getting my diploma was an excellent way to get my RN. We received a lot of bedside experience and the confidence that goes with it. I'm happy to have my degree, too.
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    Another proud Diploma RN.
    I work in a small facility, have been here for several years. A fairly new BSN RN co-worker just used the fact that I was making more than him, even though he had more years of education, as a reason to quit to go work somewhere else.
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    Thanks! The hospital where I work is footing the tuition for us to get a BSN, but many of the courses are redundant to me. Thank goodness for te diploma program!
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    No matter whay your educational level, it is not professional to discuss personal salaries. We know most BSN's earn only $.50 more an hour anyway...check Salary.com

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