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Any info on this would be helpful. My situation is that I have a BS in Communications. I've applied to several nursing schools and got in to 3 but they are a few hours away. Now their is this one... Read More

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    AMEN!! and a big DITTO!
    I am an ancient diploma nurse and the school that I went to still has the highest NCLEX passing rate of any school in the state (this includes the universities). I think the extra time we spent in the hospital and doing those god-awful careplans etc helped me in learning to prioritize, organize and to holistically look at the patient. Even though some rotations at school were hellacious it helped me to to grow and develop into the nurse I am today. Do what feels best for you. I am currently in school now for a BSN-MSN and wish I would have completed it when I was younger and absorbed information better!!!! Good luck and God bless!

    And I will DITTO you as well. A proud diploma grad.