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In your opinion, do I hold a chance at becoming a nurse with an IQ of 105, and a strong work ethic?... Read More

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    Common sense is more important than IQ. If you've got a good head on your shoulders and a willingness to apply yourself, you'll be fine. Book smarts help, but if you can't think on your feet and apply it to real world situations, it doesn't matter how smart you are.
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    I have a low iq, am incredibly lazy, short and fat, and still have managed to make it this far.

    Seriously though, when I was in high school I put no effort in, ended up with a 2.7gpa. Went to community college, figured out i'm a total anatomy nerd, put in some effort and ended up with a b. GPA so far is like a 3.15, and yet I have had nursing classes with 4.0ers that fail out. Girls that are crying because they have a 4.0 and have never failed an exam...until now.

    Moral of the story, IQ doesn't mean squat!, Nor does GPA.
    When it comes to clinical knowledge, expertise, etc etc.

    I tell my friends that their grade does not mean they will be a good or bad nurse.

    Keep calm and nurse on baby!
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    Forget the IQ! It really doesn't matter what degree you have LPN, ASN, BSN, MSN, or even a DNP. Nursing demands a lot of common sense, hard work and dedication.
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    IQ is definitely needed to succeed in any field.

    Was the IQ test standardized?
    Is English your second language?

    Those factors affect an IQ test. Don't just take an IQ test online and think of it as a word from God.

    You need to make the grade in order to finish, you need to have brains to critically think, you need those to pass the nclex. Have you taken a Nursing entrance exam? If not, I suggest you take those practice questions and gage yourself. You can always study harder but working hard doesn't always produce quality results.
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    Being as all this may, and everyone has brought up some great points about "scores" versus being a good nurse; however the fact remains in many areas of the country new grads with a GPA below a certain level aren't considered by the major systems.

    NYP, NYU amoung others want to see at least 3.0 overall GPA (NYU is 3.5) often with no "C" grades in nursing or science courses.
    This follows most NYC area nursing programs wanting minimum of 3.0 overall and or including sciences in pre-nursing in order to apply for admission onto the nursing program. Just having that 3.0 often isn't enough these days as applicant pools have swelled with large numbers of students with GPA's at or >3.5
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    Quote from Anoetos
    Well, despite the backlash, the Stanford-Benet is still a pretty reliable standard of measurement for raw intelligence scoring.
    Stanford-Binet. Just sayin'.
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    Quote from Student Mom to Three
    Stanford-Binet. Just sayin'.
    Wish I could say it was just a typo...
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    A better question would be "should..."
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    Every reply was brilliant. We must all be at least 150 if not higher!!! Never heard from the original poster???? I still wonder if it was a gag?

    I do believe the Stanford-Binet is a good, valid, picture of a person.....but I am still certain I never had one?

    I just wish politicians had to have a Stanford-Binet along with some science classes before running for office!

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