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hey, i'm a 20 years old nursing student and i'm currently still doing my nursing diploma. after i've done my diploma, i'm planning on taking a degree in nursing(BSN). is there a way for me... Read More

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    two completely entire different career paths......meaning you have no clue as to what you want other than that you like science and the human body. As a critical care nurse i love my job and everything that comes along with it. If you are interested in mouths and teeth and dentistry than go the dental route, but please don't use nursing as an alternative route to DDS school because you couldn't make the cut. Nursing and Dentistry are completely different and unrelated, and is rather insulting to nursing that you chose nursing over dentistry due to grades. Nursing takes a special kind of person, as a nurse you not only have to be aware of anatomy and physiology but the human psyche. It takes a special person to care for someone for weeks and build a relationship with them, to then hold their hand as they die. It takes a special person to watch and hold someones hand as they die, and then be expected to take care of the next person as if nothing ever happened. I am proud to be a nurse and feel that it is an amazing journey in life that only a certain few are cut out for....
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    you need to have a good story as to when your change of heart happened, or they may fear you will bail on dental school as well. volunteer at free dental clinics, shadow dentists (SO easy to do this, compared to MD's!). If your grades are not good, avoid science classes until you know you are ready to do well. (A's only, maybe a B. C's ... kiss it goodbye). Finish your BSN, and go do a post bac if you still want to do it. Then if it doesn't work out, you will still be an RN, not another Biology major who cant get a job or into grad school.
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    Quote from lyanne
    thanks guys! the things is, i'm already doing my diploma in nursing and i'm not sure what i should do next to pursue dentist. what degree should i take exactly and how long will it take?
    If you really want dental school there is no way around will need a four year degree in biology/chemistry/pre-dental/some other "hard" science.

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