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Am I making the right decision?!! - page 2

Hello AN!, I just completed my first semester in my LPN program and graduate next August(hopefully lol). Once I graduate I wanted to work for a while and while working go back to school for my... Read More

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    Listen to your innerself. What is it that you really want. You can have many opinions about it but it will all boil down to what you decide.
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    If you need to work you're better off going the LPN route and then work part-time while getting your ADN and sitting for the NCLEX so that you can work as an RN. I would then take classes part-time towards the BSN. That's what I did. I'm now working as an RN and taking classes towards my BSN one class at a time. My place of employment is paying for the classes thru tuition remission. You can also get your BSN thru an online program as well. Good Luck!
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    I'd go for the BSN - much more marketable and better pay, plus, you will need a BSN for a MSN program. Also, there are RN to MSN programs (online and on campus) that can shave off some of the time requirements.

    Good luck!
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    Do the PN-BSN program definitely.

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