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Hello AN!, I just completed my first semester in my LPN program and graduate next August(hopefully lol). Once I graduate I wanted to work for a while and while working go back to school for my BSN, completely ignoring the ADN... Read More

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    I commend you for thinking big (NP) and planning your future but you are making decisions way too far ahead of time. You risk putting the cart ahead of the horses. I say take it one step (or nursing degree!) at a time. Finish your LPN program (quite an accomplishment in itself), pass boards, get a few months of experience under your belt and then decide on the next step - ADN or BSN. By then your enhanced education, nursing experience and current personal circumstances (which might be different from now) will provide you with a much better compass on which direction to take. Repeat the process after you get your RN license re graduate school.
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    Quote from PolaBar
    If you can get the ADN in 2 classes (one semester), I'd go for that option. If you have the ADN and can sit for the NCLEX to be an RN, that will offer more options than being an LPN. If you can, take other courses towards your BSN at the same semester. Getting a BSN can take another 2 years or more depending on how you go about it (and I don't think you need to take the NCLEX again for BSN if you have the ASN, I could be wrong).
    Options, options, options!!! Thanks for the input!
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    Don't get an ADN. Here in New Jersey no one will look at you with an ADN. They only want BSNs, and even BSNs are having problems.
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    Listen to your innerself. What is it that you really want. You can have many opinions about it but it will all boil down to what you decide.
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    If you need to work you're better off going the LPN route and then work part-time while getting your ADN and sitting for the NCLEX so that you can work as an RN. I would then take classes part-time towards the BSN. That's what I did. I'm now working as an RN and taking classes towards my BSN one class at a time. My place of employment is paying for the classes thru tuition remission. You can also get your BSN thru an online program as well. Good Luck!
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    I'd go for the BSN - much more marketable and better pay, plus, you will need a BSN for a MSN program. Also, there are RN to MSN programs (online and on campus) that can shave off some of the time requirements.

    Good luck!
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    Do the PN-BSN program definitely.

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