1. Which is better? I've heard ADN's get more clinical experience as BSN's learn more about management and whatnot.

    I'm stuck on if I should go to the university for my BSN or become an LPN then bridge. (There are no straight ADN programs in my area.)

    I'm 18 with a 5 month old son.. I'm not sure which one would be better. I want to get my RN fast since I have a child, but Im afraid if I get my ADN they will eventually be phased out. Once I'm done with school..I don't want to go back.
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  4. by   BostonFNP
    Have you tried a search? There are literally 100s of pages debating the pros and cons of each.

    In short, there is no easy answer. Think about where you would like to work and inquire if they hire ADNs or prefer BSNs.

    As far as the clinical hours, they vary by individual program, there is no generalization that ADN or BSN gets more clinical hours. Acquire about the number of hours at each individual program you apply to or consider.
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  5. by   LoriRNCM
    I start my ADN in August and have been doing research on jobs (or the lack thereof). Most say "BSN preferred". I will be getting my BSN after my ADN, hopefully as employed RN, but the odds don't look good.
  6. by   1Luv_xo
    Well I just asked my husband's cousin who is a nurse..she said all of the hospitals in my area will be requiring the RN's to have a BSN. Well crap!
  7. by   hospicern030363
    I have an ADN and BS in another health care related field. I am okay with that. I haven't had any issues with job finding here where I live.

    If I were 18 and a mom of a young one - I would do things step by step. Get your LVN and work and work towards your BSN from there. At least then you will be able to earn some money along the way.
  8. by   E2NURSE
    Get into a BSN program if you can. I am a RN with my associates but working on my bsn Your young you can do it
  9. by   1Luv_xo
    Thank you guys. I'm going to enroll into the BSN. Just submitted my transcripts to the college so fingers crossed they accept me! I have 2 yrs of prerequisites to do.
  10. by   Havin' A Party!
    If you really, really, really won't go back to school, then you must go BSN.

    My Recommendation: Go ADN-RN first. Later go back for BSN.