Understanding My MRI?

  1. awesome people with knowledge just what I need. I hope you guys don't mind if I pick your brains. my neurologist during a recent check up ( I have arnold chiari's) told me I have white spots on the frontal lobe and she believes it to be MS.........when you guys see white spots are they always MS or could it be something else, maybe from the csf flow being backed up for so many years prior to surgery???? tia's????? Thanks guys I just need someone who really understands MRI"s haha i'm not sure the neurologist does lolol. (kidding)
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  3. by   dianah
    As a Radiology Nurse, I don't read MRIs. I don't even know HOW to read MRIs. You might ask your questions of your Neurologist (hopefully you DO trust her knowledge/understanding of neurological disease processes), or of the Radiologist who read the MRI. Or you could get a second reading (you may have to get copies of the original MRI and submit to the Radiologist you choose for a second opinion), OR, a second opinion from another Neurologist. You don't mention how long you've had Arnold Chiari's, or what symptoms you have/had, or how long you've been with your present Neuro doc.
    Again, I refer you to your Neurologist (for the disease process question) or to a Radiologist (for MRI interpretation). Good luck!
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    Hello, Evieanne,

    dianah gave you great advice. This is something that is way beyond what the members of allnurses.com can help you with. Please seek another medical opinion and/or pose your questions/concerns to your neurologist.

    We only wish the best for you.