Radiology nurse certification - page 2

Has anyone taken this certification and can you give advise on study materials...I was going to take it this October Thanks... Read More

  1. by   mcrn89
    I studied the core cirriculum for about five months or so. I read that book back and forth. There were no questions concerning labs, sedating pts, meds, nurses responsiblities during procedures and nothing on any procedures that I do on a daily basis. I recall 2 UAE questions. There were alot of questions about MRI, CT and Nuc med, all tech type questions. The review class was in PA and I live in FL, so no I didn't attend. I would have liked to, but couldn't. I am just disapointed that I felt like I studied constantly and half of the info wasn't on the test.
  2. by   Radnurse54
    I am sure you feel very frustrated. I know when I took the exam that I spent time in cath lab and Nuclear Medicine because those were areas I did not work in. I did work in and around Mammography which was helpful. Have you thought about talking with the Radiology Nursing folks to share your concerns?
    I will have my fingers crossed for you.
  3. by   woodsyny
    Anybody know of good sites to get CEU'S to take this test. Very hard finding CEU"S for radiology nurses to meet the testing requirements. Also how did everyone study for this and good study materials. Want to pass it on the first go. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks