Pediatric Sedation Nurse??

  1. I applied and have an interview for a pediatric sedation nurse new grad position. I definitely want to work in pediatrics so I'm excited for the opportunity but I can't say I'm in complete understanding of the job role. So can someone explain a little more about what they do? I know they help put children to sleep for MRIs and such but what else do they do?

    Also after working here for a while would I be able to make the switch to pediatric emergency one day?

    Thanks for any comments or advice!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Oh wow- huge red flag that they would interview a new grad for this position. SO MUCH can go wrong during sedation. In my clinical job, the sedation nurse for peds was an NP with decades of experience.
  4. by   brittnaayyy
    Maybe I'm mixing up sedation and radiology nursing?
  5. by   llg
    I work for a children's hospital that has a sedation unit. It has about 10 beds and is a busy place. Kids come in for tests/procedures and need prepped ... sedated for the procedure ... and then recovered after the procedure. After the recovery period (and getting whatever discharge teaching they need), they go home. So the nurses in that unit take them from the time they check in until the time they go home.
  6. by   brittnaayyy
    Would you say transition to another type of unit in the future is possible?
  7. by   DowntheRiver
    Any Radiology nurse that I've seen in this position has never been a new grad; in fact, most have had at least 10+ years experience. My current Radiology has been a nurse for 19 years and is also the RRT nurse. I don't know if I'd really suggest this position for a new grad.
  8. by   brittnaayyy
    Interesting. I have a shadow day Monday. It's specifically made for new graduates and we spend 6 months learning in the MRI area to learn.