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  1. Christiana Residency 2017

    Hey sorry all. I actually got a job at shock trauma in Baltimore so I let Christiana go. Good luck to all of you though. Sounds like you're on the road to awesomeness !!
  2. UMMC Application Status

    Just saw this. I would definitely do STC for a year or more. It's like a second goal of mine and then do peds down the road.
  3. UMMC Application Status

    Wow they have good turn around time! Hope you get it! I interviewed at Maryland today too. Fingers crossed we're all in the same cohort lol
  4. UMMC Application Status

    In the Nicu? Yay!!! And yea I saw. Shelby lives way closer than I do though lol. I applied to their 7E medical unit at children's too
  5. UMMC Application Status

    I applied there (children's) but the drive is just not feasible. But I'll go to the interview any way just to be sure. Good luck on your interview though! Maybe we'll be in the same cohort.
  6. UMMC Application Status

    I didnt get the PICU job so I have interviews for Shock trauma and OR later this week. Don't think I'll be starting out in peds quite yet.
  7. UMMC Application Status

    My friends work in geropsych I could get you her email
  8. UMMC Application Status

    Update: recruiter contacted me. Shes apparently the recruiter for women's and children's positions. So they're working
  9. UMMC Application Status

    Definitely a nerve-racking process.
  10. UMMC Application Status

    Yep. I'm glad I've held out a bit though cause I may have had to settle for a non pediatric position. Have you checked children's national for NICU?
  11. UMMC Application Status

    Hey! Just realized it when I checked and saw your school í ½í¸‚. Hi!!!
  12. UMMC Application Status

    I work at a partner University hospital so I've been emailing managers directly through the mail system. It's paid off! And we must have the same recruiter cause mine is on vacation as well.
  13. Christiana Residency 2017

    Awesome! Good luck
  14. UMMC Application Status

    And I'm not sure how to contact the managers
  15. UMMC Application Status

    I applied July 26. One under review and one hasn't changed. Ugh