Just how much can a CT tech do?

  1. I'm just curious. I was told the CT techs were going to start doing the IV hydrations for the patients who's GFR's are below 60. I know they can start IV's but can they mix sodium bi carb in IV fluids? Administer the fluids? Give oral Mucomyst? It just seems to me that that should be done only by a licensed nurse? Does anyone know? We have been doing them on the floor prior to the scans but apparently the CT department thinks we don't get the hydrations done quickly enough and get them behind so they are going to be doing them. That's odd I think?
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  3. by   woodsyny
    Hmmmmmmmmmm I would be very careful! Here in New York us nurses do everything. The techs do not start the lines or any other stuff. Bicarb is a medication as is mucomyst. I would do some checking for sure!
  4. by   BittyBabyGrower
    Are you sure it is the tech and not the radiology nurse? My SO is a tech and he said that they can give certain meds, etc, but he has never given any of those. You need to make sure there is a policy in place.
  5. by   woodsyny
    Our policy at our hospital is nurses start the lines and inject.............techs are not starting lines at our hospital OR given medications, the nurses do it all!

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