Anyone doing HEDIS???

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    Is anyone out there besides me doing HEDIS this year? Last year I was assigned 800+ charts to audit. For probably 400 of those, 3 of us went to the "desert" area to do them. This year I have 1274 to do by myself and possibly 6 or 7 hospitals yet to come. Think I'll just have my breakdown first this year:roll
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    what is it?
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    Health plan
    Data and

    We are employed by insurance companies to go to Dr's offices and hospitals to see if proper care/follow-up is give to patients according to their diagnosis. As I said above, this year I've been assignes 1274 charts to review with some hospitals to be added. Some of what we look for are Immunizations, Well-child care, B/P control, Diabetes control, Prenatal/Postpartum care, Breast cancer, Cervical cancer.

    I feel I am helping to keep the docs on their toes as they are given a report of how they are doing and where they should improve. Hopefully, we ALL benefit from it:kiss
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    God Heavens!! 1274 charts!
    A few questions...
    How long do you have to do this?
    Do you get paid by the hour or per review? & ~ How long per review?
    Is this a all year yound job? I didn't think so, and if not, what do you do the rest of the year, if you don't mind my asking all these personl questions??
    Thanks, Linda
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    Yes, HEDIS audits are time limited. They are usually done each spring and usually last 2 1/2 to 3 months (at least the ones I've done).

    We get paid by the hour but my cousin in FL gets paid by the chart. The length of time per chart depends on what we are looking for (some may only take 5 min and others we are looking for a lot more items and could take an hour) and also how well organized the documentation is. Some charts have no dividers so you have to look thru EVERYTHING rather than just go to a specific section.

    The rest of the year I occasionally do some home care work but mostly, we travel and see this great country:kiss
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    Thanks Arby, Happy Trails!! When Hedis is over that is!
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    I skipped this year. I work for three companies and usually do HEDIS in central Ohio. I did 500 charts for one audit one time.

    I love it!

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    How do you get into Hedis? Thanks, Dolores
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    I responded to an ad in the local paper for doing HEDIS for a company for UHC. I loved it. The ad was for data abstractors.

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    Yes, the newspaper was where I found HEDIS also. My cousin had told me about it and said to start watching for it late fall or early winter. I think it is done in the spring across the country.
    GOOD LUCK if you are interested.

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