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  1. This is the best forum that I could find to present my delima. I am currently a LPN and a RHIA student (graduate May 7). I have 7 years of working in nursing and 2 years of working in HIM. I am becoming interested in UM, QI, HIPAA, Privacy and Security. I live in a rural area and from what I have seen hospitals want RNs for UM and QI. I am supposed to start a career mobility program in August. However, I had the opportunity to visit with a person who is over privacy and security for a very large health system in north Texas. He suggested going for a Masters in Health Care Admin with certifications in privacy from AHIMA. I looked into it and found a local school that offers most of these classes online. I am torn, I don't know if I should go ahead with RN school (only 1 year) or start working on a HCA degree. My fear is that I will earn the RN and not really use it i.e. bedside nursing, or any kind of hands on nursing but on the other hand having a RN license would mean that I could practice if I wanted to. If I go the masters degree route I feel like I am closing the door on nursing forever and that saddens me.

    I am open to everyone's thoughts.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would go with the RN license first, then pursue the other degree while working in the area you can get employment in at that point.
  4. by   HealthyNurse
    I agree- you should go for the RN degree first and then continue working on the master's. The RN will give you a strong edge over others when looking for jobs in this area. The master's degree will also help, but I feel the RN is more important at this point.
  5. by   RHIA, RN
    Makes sense. Thank you.
  6. by   KateRN1
    Do you have a bachelor's in another field already? Or does the HCA masters program take you without a bachelor's degree? I agree with previous posters, I'd do the RN and then do the masters.
  7. by   RHIA, RN
    I will finish my bachelor this week.

    I think I will end up going for RN.

    Thank you all.
  8. by   RHIA, RN
    Hmm, I came across this post because I was poking around in here after interviewing for a position in UM today. I thought I would follow up. I did go for RN, finished it in May '12. I have enjoyed working as a bedside nurse but old physical mobility problems are rearing their head again so I am once again pursuing office work. I am happy that I chose to get my RN and I thank those of you that took the time to answer my original post, I interviewed for "Performance Improvement Data Analyst" today. The add said they would consider a LPN with 5 years experience, an RHIA but an RN was strongly preferred! I'm hoping all of this paid off. I'm also kind of tickled that this post is still here after 2 years, wow. I guess that means there isn't a lot of traffic in this forum though
  9. by   RHIA, RN
    Another update, I got the job! I start orientation tomorrow.
  10. by   nurse8019
    Quote from RHIA, RN
    Another update, I got the job! I start orientation tomorrow.
    Way to go!!! Congratulations on the new job!!! I came across this thread while researching QA & UR nursing jobs to answer the same question for myself. I don't have any advice for you(in the same boat), but I do want to encourage you! I have had several risk analysis and compliance/quality jobs as an LPN, and was just layed off. For what it's worth, they kept only RN employees.
  11. by   RHIA, RN
    I am so sorry that you were laid off. I hope that you have found other employment. Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have a lot to learn but I think I will like it when I have become more comfortable and don't feel so intimidated. Best of luck to you moving forward!
  12. by   nurse8019
    Thank you! It was a blessing in disguise, really. I appreciate your kind words!