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I'm just wondering because every time I tell someone that I quit my IVR job to go to children's psych they act appalled. I know it's different but I'm still a nurse. Even my family acts appalled.... Read More

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    Quote from BradRN
    I personally feel that when they say psych nurses are "the bottom of the barrell" they are referring to the diminished skills that we quickly lose after nursing school. Many hospitals will not even look at your resume if you havent had critical care experience in the past 5 years.
    As my old DON used to tell me, "anyone can learn to put in a tube"...it was not meant as a negative jab against non-psych nurses, but rather as a reminder that should we want/need to, we can easily relearn or refresh these skills. After all, didn't we all learn to manage them once before as nursing students?

    Quote from BradRN
    I work no where near as hard as I did, there is a higher risk of harm where I work, but I'm willing to take that risk.
    I always thought that EDs were far more dangerous than psych units. In psych we are in a secured unit that is locked, we know the histories of our patients (even if all we know is that a patient is unpredictable), patients have weapons and most dangerous articles removed from their possession during admission, visitation from outsiders is strictly controlled, all staff is trained in deescalation, restraint and breaking holds, and a code calls people running in from all over the facility, not just from one team or unit. And most patients know this too and aren't willing to push a lot of boundaries.

    Whereas anyone can and usually does walk into a ED with minimal clearance and thinks nothing of exploding at the first staff member they see for any inane reason.

    I also think we're safer than most hospital floors too...because we deal with abusive family members a lot less in psych. Got to love our limited visiting hours and conditions

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    I don't know what IVR is...but...as far as bottom of the barrel..I have honestly never heard that re: psych nurses...only LTC and ALF nurses - which I do not agree with - but where I live, nurses who work LTC or ALF's are viewed as though they can't get a job elsewhere.....

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