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Hi all, I have just been hired for my first job (yay!) I will be working in a psychiatric inpatient unit. The nurses on the unit where street clothes instead of scrubs. This seems to be common for psych units in my area, as I... Read More

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    I vote for kneehighs and flipflops!
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    I personally prefer to wear my scrubs. I am a travel nurse and the unit I am on wear professional casual attire.
    I love the unit but honestly cant wait until I can wear my scrubs again~
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    the best bet is business casual...
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    Quote from Whispera
    I vote for kneehighs and flipflops!
    Let's just go for broke and wear pajamas
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    I usually wear jeans and sweaters or blouses with a scrub jacket but I have gradually started to wear scrub pants sometimes and t-shirts. I tend to NEED pockets. Where I work it is scold-worthy to wear anything around your neck that can be used to choke you. They don't even like the velcro break-away kind since it can be snatched from behind...so I need deep front pockets for my keys, pens and report sheets. Jeans or casual pants work better than elastic waisted scrub pants for my pager if I'm on the support team. I don't wear skirts or dresses because I can't move well in the event of a struggle putting somebody into restraints or breaking up fights...nurses have to get too involved unless you are in management. Another tip, keep a change of clothes in your locker. I had a patient snatch my shirt once and tore it down the front. I've had grape juice thrown in my face. There's also the dreaded spitters or urine-feces flingers. It's just nice to be able to change if you need to. Not that ANY of these things happen often but I've been in psych for 8 years now and there have been times....
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    HR should be able to tell you definitively, but in my facility (a residential home, not hospital) it's basically business casual. Think non-denim pants and nice-ish tops. We can even wear tee shirts as long as they don't have writing on them. Just not jeans.
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    I wear jeans in the cold weather and capris in the hotter weather and always a scrub top. I need the pockets and don't want to associate my home clothes with work. I also don't mind as much when I get stuff thrown on me or things ripped during codes. I have a very boring selection of tops I've been wearing for 2 years. I keep telling myself that I'll buy new tops, but never do. One day.....
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    Quote from Jayesse7
    Where I work it is scold-worthy to wear anything around your neck that can be used to choke you. They don't even like the velcro break-away kind since it can be snatched from behind...
    Ours have to have the break in the middle (halfway between your neck and the bottom of the lanyard) for that reason. Really hard to find so most of us make our own or just carry our keys in our pockets. Yet another one of those things I NEVER thought of pre-psych...
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    I have a lanyard that breaks into four pieces when pulled, and each piece is really too small to do anything with (for most people anyway...because we all know that those who are truly determined WILL find a way to hurt themselves with anything).

    The problem is that after 3 years, it's finally starting to fall apart and it's a difficult breakaway lanyard style to find
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    The last mental health unit I worked on, we wore street clothes. I generally wore business casual attire, polo shirt and slacks. As far as shoes, I wore athletic shoes that could pass for casual shoes (solid black, no stripes or trim). The last thing I wanted was to get into a restraint situation or having to deal with a combative patient and not be able to get any traction. You have to remember where you are when you are choosing. Leather soles aren't a great choice.

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