What does it take to be a good psych nurse? - page 3

what are some personality traits that make a good psych nurse? how do you pick out the good psych nurse from the average floor nurse? complete the sentence: you know you're a psych nurse when... also, as a psych nurse,... Read More

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    There is no "taking notes smiley." You'll see it on your patients' faces.

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    everything i've read so far is excellent advice! i have worked addictions, general locked
    psych dept, a little forensics, and, within the community, a mental health clinic.

    things that have served me well are:

    1. listen carefully, not just to the words, but to the feelings too.

    2.sometimes going along with a delusion is ok. good example is the crows.
    one warm afternoon, i overheard george washington, ben franklin, and thomas jefferson
    discussing the constitution as i passed the dayroom. everyone was calm and the discussion
    was lively. the only one becoming progressively more agitated was the tech. i told him that
    until someone suggested a duel, (or something) just to keep an eye on them.

    3.never assume because a patient has a particular diagnosis that they will behave a certain
    way. don't bring preconceived assumptions to work with you. because your sister-in-law
    is bipolar, that your bipolar disorder patients will behave/react like she does.

    4.if some idiot cut you off, your spouse angered or frustrated you, or whatever, let it go.
    just hang it on a branch of the tree beside the door where you go in.

    5.right now, after his family just left, may not be the best time to get something resolved
    with your patient.

    6. never ever turn your back on a psych patient -- no matter how pleasant she seems.

    7.i never wore any jewelry except my wedding ring, which is a wide, domed, heavy gold band.
    they can, and do grab and pull at bracelets, earrings, necklaces... my watch pinned to the
    front of my top.

    8.never go into a patient's room alone.

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