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I am a pre-nursing student and just applied for a psych tech position at a children's psychiatric hospital. I don't have a psychology degree but have always been very interested in psych and was... Read More

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    Absolutely! Do it. I was a psych tech before and during nursing school. Now have been a psych nurse for 7 years. It was a very good experience for me. I hope you find the same is true.

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    Most *definitely*! I have been a Psych Associate ("Tech") for the past seven years and when people find out I'm in Nursing School the first question they ask is if I am going to be a Psych Nurse. I'm not planning on it (right away, at least), but I have already gotten job offers/promises for after graduation, which isn't for another year!

    It's definitely VERY good experience if you're planning on doing Psych Nursing! I couldn't imagine going into Psych Nursing with just the amount of experience you get in clinicals......! Yikes.

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