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Is there anyone out there that only wants to do psych nursing? I recently accepted a med surg job after leaving pysch, and realized I have no interest In the medical aspect of things. I love the one on one I get with psych.... Read More

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    I agree! The medical aspect of things foleys IV's poop pee stool sample wounds its grosses me out. I know that sounds weird coming from a nurse, I feel that's why I'm struggling on a medical floor. Pysch feels natural to me. I've always wanted to be a social worker so this is the closest thing. The mind amazes me... Even though I think it's harder to treat then diabetes or HTN.
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    Another confirmed psych nurse here! I also worked with battered women and their kids which often combined a specialized type of counseling with some psych nurse aspects.

    I worked mostly in the state psych hospital which carried a stigma, which I never quite understood or cared about. I was able to care for some patients with unusual conditions, which kept me on my toes.
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    I am with you on this. I start my first job as a psych outreach nurse in May. I gave working in a nursing home a try and I hated it. I hope to become a psych nurse practitioner eventually.
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    Good luck!!! I hope to get back into psych as well.
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    just offered a PRN position in a psych facility for children/adolescents!! sooo happy
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    Yes, I agree with you 110%. I could not see myself working anywhere except psychiatric/substance abuse nursing. I did the med/surg thing for a year to get experience (which I will never regret) but I, much like you, hated the fact that I could not give my patients one on one time without feeling guilty or rushed. Med/Surg is very task-oriented, and I felt like a machine because of it. Meds, Feed, Clean, Repeat. I could go into a laundry list of all the areas of nursing that either bored me to tears or scared the bejeezus out of me.

    Funny how psychiatric nursing doesn't scare me nearly as much ICU/ED/OR etc. Scream at the top of your lungs that I'm "NURSE RETARD" as you flail down the hallway like a bat out of hell? No problem. At least five different alarms going off at once and praying one of them isn't ventilator related? No thank you!
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    Omg!! I feel the same way. If I was never part of a Code I would be ok. If I never had to be chest compression again I would be ok. Pysch doesn't scare me at all. Med surg scares me!! I don't feel at home there. Lines tubs drains wounds vents NO thanks it's not for me!
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    I'm happy with Psych. Been doing it 5 months now.
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    I went back to college to get a second degree (nursing) with the sole intent of becomnig a psych NP. I'm now in the process of becoming a psych NP and working as a RN. I don't care for the typical medical stuff either. Yeah, I know I'll see it as a provider, but dealing with it as a mandatory job requirement every work night for 12 hours is killing me. I can't stand it.

    A looong time ago, I was a paramedic (was a side thing), and I still have an interest in emergent care, trauma, medical problems you can fix and send home or fix enough to admit and let someone else deal with, lol. However, my school schedule pretty much precludes ER work as here in medical I mostly sit and type assignments or do what I'm doing now (discussion board).
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    I agree, it's very task orientated. And to be honest most of its gross. I've been thinking about my NP in psych a lot lately. Well see. I know the medical aspect isn't for me. Good luck to you, I'm glad other people out there share the same views as i do.
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