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Hi Everyone! I started my clinical rotations for psych-nursing and opted this week to work on the CAD unit. I was very taken back by this experience, yet felt a strong desire to be there on that unit. I sat and listened to... Read More

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    I too started my Psych rotation yesterday in what's called the latency unit. The kids are ranging from 4-11 yrs old. I loved it so much! I wanted to take all of them home with me by the end of my shift today. I want to work there so bad! I had so much fun in peds but this is totally different. I loved being directly involved with every part of their care. There is so much more of an opportunity to be therapeutic. The staff was wonderful, they set clear boundaries and are consistent, loving and encouraging. I would love to be a part of a team like that. What a wonderful way to spend our days!

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