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    There is much good information on this forum. You may be able to get some assistance with your questions if you read through past posts. :wink2:
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    I second that.

    Doing a "search" on your topic of interest will often yield many results for you on this forum.
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    Hello everyone,

    I have just started searching for a psychiatric nurse manager position somewhere in florida. Would anyone know of a reputable permanent placement recruiting company. All referals would be great!

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    I went to career and typed in psych nurse manager, it came up with 22 results, hope this is of help to you

    I hope it was not against tos to post this help for you
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    Thanks this is the very first post I chose to read on this forum. It makes me feel more comfortable and happy to read and learn.
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    I am a Psych NP in New England and am interested in applying for a position in Florida working in a Veterans Admin. Outpatient Clinic. Does anyone have any experiences working in a facility like this? I have no idea what to expect as to working conditions. The starting pay posted is about 50% less than what I currently make although the top of the range is only a few thousand less than I make now.

    I am thinking a nurse must be employed with this type of a facility for many years before reaching that salary, does that sound right?

    Any advice, experiences and opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    The only thing i can tell you is that Florida has lower than average pay scale.
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    No matter where you work, it generally takes many years to get to the top of the pay scale...
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    Do any of my fabulous coworkers have any experiences, good or bad, working for this type of facility? I am trying to gather as much info. as possible before I go for this. It would mean selling my home and moving my family with me which is a lot to ask so I want to research what working there would be like from actual nurses and not just read what is posted on the different job sites (which, by the way, tells almost nothing).

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    I'm wondering why the position is attractive to you since it involves moving your family cross-country and a big pay cut??? FIFTY PERCENT!!!

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