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New nurse on ACT team

  1. 2 I am a new grad RN. (Graduated in Dec). I have always felt very called to psych, did my preceptorship on an acute inpt behavioral health unit. Anyway, I have been offered a job with a local agency that I actually did some clinical time at to be a part of their ACT team. I am excited but nervous. I have a feeling its going to be a VERY challenging position.

    There is one other FT RN and a PT RN. The other RN told me I'd mostly be working with meds/med compliance any other health concerns the clients might have. I will have my own caseload of 2 clients though. The other FT RN has been a pscyh nurse for a LONG time and is eager to precept me, but the case management part sort of scares me. I have worked in the insurance industry before, so I know how that goes, but this population is pretty much ALL on medical assistance/SSDI if they are LUCKY.

    I know dealing with medical assistance/Medicare is an entirely different ball of wax. I am not TOO worried about safety, this program has been around 15 years and they haven't had any staff injuries *knock on wood*. They have a VERY good relationship with local law enforcement/fire dept. The only thing that is kind of nagging on me is that starting here, I worry that I am going to pigeonhole myself and might never be able to work inpt, if I decide that's something I want to do someday. I LOVED this agency when I did clinical here. I was inspired by what they do, and I remember thinking how great it could be to work here. Anyway, sorry for rambling!
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    Good luck!! I work in CBFS (A community based program somewhat similar to ACT) and have really enjoyed it. I am currently looking for another job, but this is not because of the setting. This will be a great experience and you'll learn a lot. Congratulations!!
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    Quote from TerpGal02
    The only thing that is kind of nagging on me is that starting here, I worry that I am going to pigeonhole myself and might never be able to work inpt, if I decide that's something I want to do someday.
    Congratulations on your new position, TerpGal.

    It's also good to hear other nurses, such as you ivyleaf, say that they enjoy working in Community Psych.

    Working any position, especially as a New Grad, allows a Nurse to gain experience in the Field. Beginning your Professional Career working in the Field will allow you a chance to immediately call on your own resources in dealing with situations.

    I spent the first ten years of mu Nursing Career working in Hospitals. The next ten years was spent working in Home Health and Community Mental Health Programs. Then, the last nearly ten years has been back in the Hospital.

    What I'm attempting to convey to you, TerpGal, is that the Transitioning Process between Institutional and Community-based Nursing has allowed me to gain skills in both Team and Autonomous Settings. It's been a Great Ride!

    The very best to you in your new position.

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    I'm a relatively new RN working with a very busy ACT team (rapidly approaching 70 patients) in south Georgia. I worked inpatient for a about 6 months prior. Having done both as a new nurse I will say that the best way to describe ACT is career broadening. As an ACT Nurse you will learn about all aspects of psychiatric care. Your assessment skills need to be sharper and you will have to find novel ways to solve complicated problems on a daily basis. If you do your best then I'm sure you could make the transition to inpatient, especially considering you will be in contact with most agencies and institutions in the area.
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    What is an act nurse?
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    Quote from twinkerrs
    What is an act nurse?
    ACT stands for Assertive Community Treatment