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Hi all! I was wondering what the starting salary is for a new nurse grad in the psychiatric care setting. I tried searching the forums but could not find relevant information. I have my BA in psych and will hopefully start... Read More

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    I am in Arizona and I heard you start at $25. I am trying to find a job in psych now so hopefully soon I will know for sure! Good luck!
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    I would suggest you start wherever you can. Learn as much as possible on the job. Continue to study on your own. There are a ton of great youtube videos on behavioral psychology from Stanford that will help you frame what you learn on the job against the academic literature. Ask the psychiatrists for book recommendations. Read, study, learn, grow, build your resume. In a few years you will be writing your own ticket.
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    I'm in NC, I'm a new grad, and just got a job at a local not-for-profit hospital on their psych unit. I'll be making $22.60/hr. plus $4 shift differential for nights. I have my BSN, but your pay doesn't change due to that. I do, however, think it makes it easier to get the job in the first place.
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    I am a new grad in Arizona and was hired for a pool nursing position at a Juvenile Psych facility. Starting pay for pool is $30.35/hour plus shift differentials. If I recall correctly the starting pay for PT/FT is $27-29 hour plus shift diff.
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    I have my ADN...base pay is 29.23...I was working nights getting diff of 3 dollars more but I moved to day shift so no diff...we're a private psych hospital and very last meeting they said our last seclusion was almost a year ago! I live in Texas and cost of living is dirt cheap here...
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    im 27.50 3.00 shift differental
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    It depends on where you work. Right now I work for a non profit community agency that serves low income persons with severe mental illness. Most of our funding comes from billing Medicare and medicaid for services rendered, hence not great pay. I currently make $21 an hour. That is one of the highest salaries in the whole agency. I am about to start at a free standing private psych hospital, pay is 23/hr plus $4.00 hr shift differential. I'll be working mixed shifts. The salaries tend to be a little higher at acute care hospitals with a psych unit. Our state hospitals are salaried and I think its around 50 k per year.
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    CA...where I work, new grads start out in the mid $30s.
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    Wow! Thanks for the tip KristeyK- I'm in Texas and have wanted to do psych since pre-reqs. I graduate in August with a BSN (post-bacc program with wierd course sequence), so the internship cycles are off. I really appreciate the lead
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    May I ask in which part of Texas? I'm starting the hunt for my first job and graduate with a BSN in August. Thanks!

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