New Grad--how to prepare for 1st job as PsychRN

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    Hey everyone!

    So I am starting orientation at my first job next week! I'll be working on an inpatient adult psychiatric unit. I am wondering if I should do anything to prepare for this. Should I go over drugs, or anything? I sold my psych text book but I do have my drug book. I feel like it has been a long time since I've done anything nursing (graduated in May) and it's been even longer since I've had psych nursing. I'd like to be fully prepared and rock out when I start my new job!


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    Reviewing the commonly used psych meds would certainly be a good idea. Also reviewing therapeutic communication. Best wishes!
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    Meds are most important, also Axis V, GAF, and common diagnoses as well as their abbreviations: PDD, ODD, ADHD, etc.. Be very familiar wih your units PRN's and drugs the doctor may prescribe that may interact with them (for example, I've had doctors prescribe Geodon and had Thorazine as a PRN).
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    Great comments, psych meds and PRN's a must know. As well as the common psych diagnosis. Read up on de-escalation as well as your place of employments procedures for what to do if your patient gets "out of control". And above all, go in with a gentle hand, kind heart and open mind. These patients can be amazing! Enjoy your first job, psych nursing was my first job as well, and I haven't left the field since. Good luck!
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    Congratulations! How are things going with your new job? I graduate in four months and will be traveling down the same road as well.
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    I will also hopefully be starting in Psych Nursing. How is everything going for you? I also graduated in May.
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    I am interested in psych nursing and would also like to know how you're doing....Hope it's going well!
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    Someone a long long time ago gave me some advice that still stands and that was........ Just be kind :-)
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    How are things going in your position?
    I start my day shift Psych position March 4 and wondering what to expect?

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