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I am looking for articles, studies, books.... on the gender identity issues. I had the Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Success book from 2009, and it had chapters in it for gender identity... Read More

  1. by   JonathanClouse
    Speaking for myself and of my experience, when I was younger, I really believed that I was a MTF Transsexual. I actually even convinced some medical doctors to the point where I had been prescribed Testosterone blockers and Estrogen. It really took years of soul searching for me to finally realize that I was not Trans, but that my feelings originated from when I was 7-8 years old, and my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At that time, I seriously thought people only died from cancer, and to cope with her possible death, I began sneaking into her closet and putting on her clothes. Now, thruth be told, I am glad that I came to that realization...because the way I look now, I would have made a REALLY UGLY woman. Again, this is just my life. That being said, I must agree that the best expert on a person's own gender identity is the individual themselves.
  2. by   mrc1991
    Hi rac1,
    Full disclosure, I am a cis woman who happens to be passionate about trans rights, so I actively seek out information on gender identity; if you think that makes me too biased to be trusted, oh well.
    As someone who is fine with the gender identity I was assigned at birth, I can understand how it might not come naturally to understand trans issues. It does seem like you are genuinely trying to learn what the truth of the matter is, no matter what that ends up being, and I see how from the outside trans issues can look similar to the mental disorders/delusions that many on this thread have already listed as examples (believing you are dead, or a doctor, or missing organs, etc).

    I actually really liked Julius' point about how a trans gender identity is different from having anorexia - that the latter will literally kill you but the former will not. I hadn't thought of that before. So thank you Julius. The comparisons of gender identity vs a delusion that one is a doctor are also good in that one can cause harm to others (fake doctor isn't qualified) and is clearly defined based on years of training and testing resulting in a fancy piece of paper. Most people don't actually know their chromosomal type for sure anyway, as it doesn't get tested in the majority of people. More on that later...

    5HT123 had good suggestions, IMO. If you really are open, learning from experts on the topic and treating everyone with respect in the meanwhile is a great start. If you would want people to believe

    You ask why it isn't a psychiatric illness, when their gender identity contradicts their DNA. But I've read several fascinating studies that add more information to the pool, and everything points to biology and gender both being more complicated than society had previously assumed.

    This next part is going to get link-heavy, but I am including my references both so you can read for yourself and so you know that I'm relying on pretty good information myself.

    Genes are a bit more complicated than just XX vs XY:
    “I’m XY and I Know It”: Sex Determination Systems 11 - Science in the News

    Skip down past the first few paragraphs for more info on gene expression:
    How Science Is Helping Us Understand Gender

    Brains do seem to be gendered, but it's usually more of a mosaic than anything else and trans people's brains typically match their stated identity not their assigned identity:
    Your Brain Is a Mosaic of Male and Female
    Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
    Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain? - Scientific American

    As for the article you mention seeing about suicide rates, I would encourage you to read this article explaining the studies that your article was probably referencing:
    Myths About Transition Regrets | HuffPost

    This article talks about the many ways that society mistreats trans people, which is directly correlated to their higher incidence of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety:
    Why Transgender People Experience More Mental Health Issues | Psychology Today

    There are also studies looking at twins that suggest a genetic and/or prenatal component to gender identity:
    Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity - Science in the News
    Transgender Research: The Role of Biology in Gender Identity Development

    As far as what deliriumtrigg3r said about hormones... has no one even heard of cis women who need birth control to regulate their hormones, because otherwise their body's 'natural' hormone levels make them 'crazy'? Depression, anxiety, agitation... these can all happen due to hormones even without any supplementation. So yeah, if you have someone starting new hormones there's going to be an adjustment period while they get used to the changes, figure out the most therapeutic dose, etc. You can see similar adjustment periods in lots of other meds, not just hormones, but that doesn't stop us from giving those meds so the patient can eventually get the therapeutic benefit of those meds. Dismissing hormone replacement therapy for the purposes of gender confirmation simply because you've heard somewhere that people can go crazy on it is hardly an example of best-practice, evidence-based, critical-thinking informed nursing.

    Hopefully this small library of links on the subject will give you a good starting point in your search for a belief system you think you can stand by, rac1.