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  1. gender "issues"

    I have to say, these are my own personal convictions and you can have yours. I think at this point, the discussion has gone off track.
  2. gender "issues"

    Oh, I'm aware. People can be "distressed" about many things, but rarely is it acceptable to cut off body parts and take hormones to deal with their feelings.
  3. gender "issues"

    Right, so getting surgery, taking hormones, and psychotherapy is the treatment for gender dysphoria. So is being trans not an attempt at remedying a psychological problem?
  4. gender "issues"

    And gender dysphoria IS in the DSM, check it out. What Is Gender Dysphoria?
  5. gender "issues"

    Who said we don't treat patients with respect? I treat all my patients with respect, no matter how ill they are. To suggest otherwise is misinformed. Just because someone doesn't share your beliefs doesn't make them "shameful". Practice some tole...
  6. gender "issues"

    You don't think man/woman or male/female is an objective characteristic? We constantly identify patients by age/birthdate, name, and male/female. Identifying as something isn't the same as actually BEING something. Again, there are plenty of peopl...
  7. gender "issues"

    Hmmm ok. I don't agree with the second paragraph at all. I think people with mental illness have more support than ever right now. But yes, I suppose if someone identifies as an infant, or as a cat, that doesn't really hurt anyone else. And all t...
  8. gender "issues"

    I think you make good points and I appreciate your post. I consider myself quite socially liberal and am not "against" gays or trans people. I don't think I'm judging mental illness by what someone DOES (climbing Mount Everest), but more the belief...
  9. gender "issues"

    Harmful attitudes? Not really.... but it is a big deal to start that transition, and the result isn't always better mental health.
  10. gender "issues"

    Not to mention the way all these hormones helping to "transition" are known to make people act "crazy".
  11. gender "issues"

    It's not about labeling people... I think "transgender" or "heterosexual" are labels. We are wondering why it is not considered a mental illness to cut off body parts and take dangerous and unnecessary hormones in a war against Your often healthy bo...
  12. gender "issues"

    Totally right there with you. I want to provide the best care possible to my patients, and of course many of them are trans these days. But yes, I do wonder what makes believing you're a man when you're biologically a woman NOT a mental illness in ...
  13. IV Certification

    My facility has the IV certification class... We can't hang IV meds or operate the pumps until we get signed off on it. It was like a 3 hour in-service. I think its just like an extended orientation but more specific. Like if you got new equipment...
  14. How You Can Lose 50 Pounds In 90 Days

    A diet consisting of only 10% carbohydrates is ridiculous. A healthier number is closer to 45-55%. There are plenty of good carbs, and we absolutely need carbohydrates. Also, many people eat plant based diets and don't want to eat dead animals. W...