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Could someone tell me the most common medications used for psychiatric emergencies? I am guessing most of them are IM but the information I have found has been from a drug company or wikipedia and not sure I can entirely trust... Read More

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    Quote from kingjulz29
    Most commonly used on my unit is Haldol 5mg with Ativan 2mg. IM along with Cogentin 1mg IM for EPS
    I usually do 5mg or 10mg of Haldol with 1mg Ativan and definitely prefer to use Benadryl rather than Cogentin because you get the protection from EPS but a little extra sedating bang for your buck.
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    We don't use IM Zyprexa within an hour of IM Ativan.

    Concomitant use of benzodiazepines and other medicinal

    Special caution is necessary in patients who have received treatment with
    other medicinal products having haemodynamic properties similar to those of
    intramuscular olanzapine including other antipsychotics (oral and/or
    intramuscular) and benzodiazepines (see section 4.5). Temporal association of
    treatment with IM olanzapine with hypotension, bradycardia, respiratory
    depression and death has been very rarely (< 0.01%) reported, particularly in
    patients who have received benzodiazepines and/or other antipsychotics (see
    section 4.8).
    Simultaneous injection of intramuscular olanzapine and parenteral
    benzodiazepine is not recommended due to the potential for excessive sedation,
    cardiorespiratory depression and in very rare cases, death (see sections 4.5 and
    6.2). If the patient is considered to need parenteral benzodiazepine treatment,
    this should not be given until at least one hour after IM olanzapine
    administration. If the patient has received parenteral benzodiazepine, IM
    olanzapine administration should only be considered after careful evaluation of
    clinical status, and the patient should be closely monitored for excessive
    sedation and cardiorespiratory depression.

    Zyprexa Powder for Solution for Injection - Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) - (eMC)