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    is there anyone on here that is a ect nurse?

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    I've never had a job specifically/exclusively as an "ECT nurse," but I've worked in settings where it was done, and have participated in the procedure and worked with the clients receiving ECT. What, specifically, are you looking for or wanting to know?
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    is it always done under sedations or are there cases where it is done with the pt awake
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    As far as I know, general anesthesia is always used and is the standard of care nowadays, but I can't swear to that.
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    Yes, ECT is done under sedation, but TMS is not.
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    I have maintenance ect every 2 weeks under general anaesthesia. I am in Australia but I cannot imagine it being done anywhere with the pt awake! No way!
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    I am an ECT nurse. A general anesthetic and a muscle relaxant are given. The anesthetic is short acting.
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    I'm an ECT nurse as well, and yes it's done under general anesthesia with a muscle relaxant. If they didn't it would be torture
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    Accidentally cut off my post mid way. Anyways it would be no better than how they did it years ago when they used it to punish people "out of their bad behavior."
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Yes, ECT is done under sedation, but TMS is not.
    I'm not a psych nurse but I was just wondering what TMS is. I've never heard that term.

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