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Any comments / opinions on this once very controversial topic. Personal experience would be great to hear ie success, patient experience, etc. I hope to work as a psychiatric nurse and I am not sure how to feel about this... Read More

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    I can speak from a patient perspective. I have had 3 courses of ECT in the past 25 years. It saved my life because at those times, I was seriously suicidal. I had no discomfort other than a mild headache with the treamtments. (The worst part for me was the IV because I have terrible veins!)
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    OH KarenfRN

    Thank you! The opinion of someone who actually has gone through it is sooo helpful! You are a brave soul my dear and hope things are better for you now! Thank you Thank you

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    I have had many ect treatments over the years. I currently am on a maintenance regime with one treatment every two weeks. I have minimal side effects. Only a minimal amount of memory loss, I think. I function, I work in a part time job as well. I am the most stable. I have been in 11 years of severe depression. Works for me and I wish other people in the ommunity didn't judge me harshly for it. Still has a major stigma unfortunately. I am still on anti depressant meds as well but will be on those for life I suspect! Feel free to ask anything u want to know!
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    Hi Jenin!

    Thank you! As well as hoping to get a job as a psych nurse and wanting to know as much as I can so that I can really help my patients, I also have a friend that had it suggested to her. When I first heard it, I was like "no way" but not because of a stigma against people that have had it but more from very bad things or wrong information from twenty years ago. I am not sure that the stigma will ever go away entirely and until I've been there I try really hard to never judge especially if I don't bother to become informed. People are ignorant about many things in the world and it makes the world a very sad place. Thank you for your valuable input and kindness in responding to me. I would be scared for myself but I admire you so much for admitting a problem and doing something about it! Best Wishes for your continued happiness.
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    Today was my last day of psych clinical and I had the opportunity to observe a pt receive ECT. It was pretty neat to see. However, I won't be back to see if the pt felt it was helping her or not. Is it true that the ECT makes the blood brain barrier more permeable to the meds as well? I think I have heard someone say that before.
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    thanx jnurse 13
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    I have seen it work miracles for my patients! It really is more effective than meds but politics comes into play and insurance companies won't pay unless you've had several failed med trials usually. I believe my boss said ECT as first line of treatment is 50-60% more effective than antidepressants when used initially. Although it is rarely used for Schizophrenic patients I have seen one case in which it eliminated the patients voices completely! Typically bilateral treatment is used to give quicker results but if the patient is having a lot if confusion or for other reasons the doctor will switch to unilateral.
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    My hospital recently did a study of ECT in dementia patients with behavioral issues and we had great success in alleviating behavioral issues. We also treat behavioral issues in patients who are DD or mentally challenged with mood disorders and its helped some of them as well. We treat a wide range of patients, not just classic depression.

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