?'s for experienced inpatient acute psych unit staff re: police and pt. observation - page 2

This is actually 2 questions: What are your policies and procedures regarding calling the police to assist with an acting out patient? It used to be part of our policy as a last resort as our... Read More

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    This is great input. Basically our small unit serves about 1/3 of our state as we have some large rural areas. We serve as a crisis and stabilization unit as well as dabbling in "treatment". But when I started we were predominantly triage and stabilization. Since then our local state hospital has closed down, so we do end up getting some pretty acute patients at times. I feel like our consulting company is having difficulty understanding that all of our patients do not come in voluntarily and happy to be here. And of course we would call the police only if we don't think we can handle it on our own, and that isn't often, but it happens. I just don't appreciate being made to feel inadequate for making that judgement call, and your input has greatly helped me feel justified.

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