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Hello to all Private Duty Staff. We as many others have a policy not to keep anything present that would create odors in the living areas. If you had to launder your patient's night clothes due... Read More

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    It just proves that so many sick children and adults are stuck with crappy families. How can anyone ever expect a nurse to want to do anything extra when the family can't extend common courtesy to the nurse?

    Just curious - I saw the family doesn't allow shoes. I didn't allow street shoes either but the nurses still had to wear something. Most of them brought Crocs or Croc knock-offs and left them at our house. I don't think our agency allowed bare feet and I don't think it's a good idea anyhow.

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    Quote from CloudySue
    That sounds ridiculous. And not quite right. If I had a nurse taking care of my kid and by accident urine got everywhere and was stepped in, I'd feel so bad I'd buy her a new pair of socks! I don't know where some people are coming from. Sad.
    Thanks again CloudySue; that is the most thoughtful and caring thing to do -- I sure wouldn't expect it and it would be a nice surprise.

    Appreciate your feedback! I am vindicated. Agreed Sue, I didn't think it sounded right at all either. Is this what the world is coming to? Actually is, pretty sad...

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