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Are private duty nurses the same as independent contractors? Or are they just self-employed?... Read More

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    Quote from PatMac10
    AN RN or LPN can bill federal sources like medicare and medicaid? Wow. I didn't know that.
    Yes. You have to get an independent provider number. The process has been discussed on the site, you can find threads about it. Once you have obtained your provider number, you can bill these reimbursement sources directly for your services. This is not an avenue that I have pursued at this time. I find it easier just to be an employee of an agency. My private duty case treated me as an employee. The client had their CPA do our paychecks taking out the taxes and such for us. That was plenty fine by me at the time.
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    I am an independent provider in Ohio. I have been self employed for 6 years now. I am currently planning on moving to Michigan, does anyone here know what the requirements are to be a home health nurse independently employed in the state of Michigan? There medicaid website is terribly confusing!!!!
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    How is it going with you business...can you give me some insight on how to start my own private duty???
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    Very informative. I just applied for an independant contract job and this info. has been helpful.
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    What is NSO? I am interested in private contracting for home health nursing. Would love to pick your ear.
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    NSO sells nursing malpractice insurance.
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    Quote from TIFFJUCE
    How is it going with you business...can you give me some insight on how to start my own private duty???

    In the search box (of all nurses), type in "private duty nurse" by nursemarie. She started the thread a while back (Aug 17, 1999), but there has been new info added.

    Advertising is typically done through craigslist, word-of-mouth, and professional organizations/associations. The Private Duty Nursing Forum has been the most informative by far and free.

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