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help! i am thinking about becoming an independent medicaid and private pay home health nurse, i have been working in the home health field for 3 yrs. i have the provider packet from medicaid, but it... Read More

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    I think that is a great idea. There are so many nurses here that is knowledgable in the process and could assist those like us get started. I too is a novice at this and have been reaching out to this forum for guidance so don't give up just keep searching and posting your questions someone here will respond. I read and look for new posting daily. I wish you all the luck.
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    Hi Jaki95,

    This is such an innovative idea yet nurses have been doing it for years, and I'm amazed that very few nurses know about becoming independent private duty nurses (PDN) or independent nurse contractors rather than succumbing to agencies that take 50% of their income. For nurses in other states, there must be a fundamental process to becoming an independent private duty nurse.

    What I've come to understand is first you obtain a tax ID # (,00.html).

    Second, you obtain nursing malpractice insurance (e.g.,

    Third, you obtain your NPI# at the cms web site.(

    Fourth, you obtain your Medicare provider #. (

    I noticed nurses discuss a Medicaid provider #. Is that the same thing as the Medicare provider #? If there is a Medicaid provider #, what web site do I apply for it?

    After the fourth step, its unknown territory. Am I leaving any steps out?
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    That is something that I would be interested in developing. I have worn many hats in my career and auditing/Chart reviews is something i love doing. If there is information on this I would be interested. Hope all is going well.
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    Hi BillyMae

    Im in wisconsin and am looking to start into PDN. I was wondering if you could help me along...I am lost. All Ive gathered is you need an NPI and I have to take vent classes as well. But from there Im still really new and could use some advice
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    Where can the Nurse Entrepenuership 101 DVD & Guide be found?
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    Quote from atpicord
    hi billymae

    im in wisconsin and am looking to start into pdn. i was wondering if you could help me along...i am lost. all ive gathered is you need an npi and i have to take vent classes as well. but from there im still really new and could use some advice

    i have been working pdn in wisconsin for several years now. i can help you with what you need to know. its quite an easy process. the only hard part is finding steady work, at least in small-town, northern wisconsin, where i reside. i love my job
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    Do anyone know of a site that contracts or hire Nurses to do Chart reviews or Data collection?
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    Hi There! Can I get the name of the NY agency?
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    Hi Nurse community, I have been searching the internet to find out where in NYC I can get Quarr/ Hedis Training. Do anyone out there know?? I will appreciate any input and I thank you in advance for your assistance. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
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    I am interested in getting into private home health nursing. I really want to take medicare/medicaid to start. There appears to be a need for nurses for moderate income pts. The last company I worked for did not take either of these but went out of business because they charged too much. I believe I can charge a lot less and I am not interested in getting rich. I live in a small rural community and am even willing to trade my services.
    Would I need special insurance? And, what about accounting for hours worked to renew my license.

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