PDN is killing me!

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    I don't know if anybody else is going through this, but I feel like a babysitter, there is nothing else to do all day but NG tube feeding and suctioning, and then I get to sit the rest of the time just staring into space, I am afraid I will develop some kind of depression with this kind of nursing, but I am a new grad and couldn't find a job in the hospitals, I had to do this to pay my bills.anyone else is going through this?
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    I also did private duty after graduation because I could not find a job in the hospital. I hated private duty but I had bills to pay and I wanted a nursing job. I kept applying to hospitals and once I had a little experience I put that on my resume. With the little bit of experience I had in private duty I landed my hospital job and I could not be happier! Keep with it if you can because it just might be your "in" with the hospital. It may take awhile though Good luck!
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    Thanks! I have no choice than to manage with this for now till I land a hospital job, hope To get one soon until I go insane!
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    I miss PDN now that I have a niche, critical care hospital job. Drove myself insane with the lesser pay, knowing that I just needed to hone in my skills. Have had my hospital job for over a year now and while I'm not an expert, I can do things like put in an IV (kinda), draw blood, art stick, put in a foley, do a wiiiide variety of wound care (I'm in burn), code a patient, titrate drips of all kinds, manage a vented patient, etc.

    I still think about going back to PDN, but I'd be taking a 40% pay cut.
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    I love my job, but I will admit that it can be boring at times. However, I choose to look at it like this: I have an opportunity to study (I work nights), I am fortunate to be placed with an amazing family in a safe neighborhood and there is ZERO drama. In my area, PDN actually pays LPNs more than the hospitals. Once I finish school, I'll go work in a hospital and make substantially more but will likely stay on at my case PRN.
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    I did PDN when I was working on my BSN. It was horribly boring, and as soon as I found another job I left. I mostly worked nights, so when I wasn't actively providing care I just worked on my homework or played solitaire on my laptop or whatever. I did days for a while, and it was pure torture.
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    It is a perfect nursing job if you are still in school, you get to study and do home works. But as a BSN prepared Nurse and not ready to back to school now, I have nothing else to do but stare into space for a whole shift,lol,,
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    As an LPN I made 15K more in my second year of PDN than I did working in a nursing home. I get bored at times, but I try and mix it up with multiple cases, some weeks I have a different case every night of the week. I work overnights, and I bring my iPhone, computer, and reading materials. I am also a scout leader so I prep for my meetings. I try to do the little things that would clutter up my day, so my awake time at home can be focused on my family.
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    Ask for a more challenging case....something to increase your skills.
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    It is surprising to read that you have a BSN and are having difficulty finding employment other than PDN work. I am wondering if you have checked in on position availability for Case Management with your current employer. That would entail more paper work and case certs/recerts than pt care but...you will not be staring into space.